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Apocalypse World in Suwanee

This Meetup is past


In Apocalypse World, you are lucky to be alive. You were born to it, after Armageddon, a wind-swept hell of a world. Conflict is everywhere, everyone is a potential threat, and you just want to survive.

AW is an awesome game, with a simple systemm that shines with good role-players. It's all about conflict, including PC against PC. All you need is 2d6, a pencil, and your best RP skills.

I'm planning to run the game every other week, unless as a group something else works better. I'd like to keep the group size down to six players at most, but because folks have to drop out or can't make it at the last minute, please feel free to get on the waiting list.

The game website is , and you can download the playbooks (character class info and sheets) from this link if you want to get a feel for what character types are available. Only one playbook of each type will be allowed at the table, and we'll choose playbooks during the first session. If two or more people want the same playbook, we'll work it out then.

Please feel free to leave questions, comments or suggestions.


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