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Old School Dungeon Crawl - The Purple Worm Graveyard

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Let's delve like it's 1981!

We'll be running through either the remainder of The Dungeon of Akban (which we started at the November meetup) or The Purple Worm Graveyard for this session (player choice).If we go with the latter, I'll have a 3rd backup dungeon on hand - PWG can be very short depending on the choices made.

If you didn't attend the first meetup, no worries -I'll have plenty of pre-gens on hand.

We'll use D&D Basic Rulebook ( (B/X edited by Tom Moldvay) with some modifications from Labyrinth Lord ( to take a short excursion underground for no other reason than to explore and get some loot.

I'll follow LL's lead and let Clerics have a spell at 1st level and we'll use the Thieve's skills target numbers from LL (they correct what is a flaw in the Basic book, where thieves have a worse chance of detecting traps than any other character class).

I'll have pre-gens on hand so we can get into the delving right away, but if you have b/x and want to roll a PC (or 3) beforehand, please feel free. Personally, I like to add a single sentence description to give the PC something to make them interesting. I recommend Chaotic Shiny's Simple Character Generator (

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