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We are trying something new with out Shadowrun 5th edition game. We sat down and created a unifying theme for the group, and then defined our characters.

The theme is Relic Hunters. The group is sponsored by a secret organization that seeks items of power and knowledge to prevent what it believes to be a forthcoming apocalypse created by the Horrors. The Horrors are Cthulhu-like spirits(?) who's intentions are unknown, but they are not to humanity's benefit.

The Characters are new recruits, and have yet to be tested. The more trust they earn, the more secrets of the organization they will be exposed to. To that end they travel around the world in their old C-130 transport plane. Their cover is that of a charitable organization that delivers humanitarian supplies. But they also have to be self-sufficient, and will also be doing traditional Shadowruns to pay the bills.

So far the party consists of:
* A former professor of magic that learned some forbidden lore about the Horrors and nearly lost her mind.
* A young PHD who reads books by day and is a thief by night.
* A former Aztechnology soldier who found his conscience during a massacre and fled, saving the young PHD instead of killing her like he was ordered.
* The luckiest Elf in the world (just ask him), who is also the pilot of the cargo plane.

We have room for up to three more players (Ross, I'm looking at you...). The game will run every other Sunday, starting on the 12th.

Message me through the boards or post any questions in the comments below.


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