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Basic (B/X) Campaign: The Son of Dark

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The Adventuring Dead continued their amazing exploits by successfully sanctifing the corrupted Crypt of the Ursurper, the place where it appears the Son of Dark has arose from the dead. The Crypt was filled with a legion of undead troops. In their success in performing the ritual to cleanse the Crypt of it’s dark influence, they were able to destroy close to half of that undead army. The rest however are at large somewhere in the wilderness. They returned to report their success to the Lady Helena of Isis. She praised them for their work, and warned of a possible dark time ahead. She explained in the centuries past, the Gods had choosen special champions, infused with the God’s power, these champions served different roles, but were named for their roles: Mortal Sword, Destriant and Shield Anvil. She believes the Son of Dark may have been picked by Hades as his new Destriant (a specially favored Cleric of the God). If this is true, the other Gods will have to respond in kind. Each God whom opposes Hades will need to pick champions, which will prompt those Gods whom oppose them to pick champions. In the end, this creates a large number of very powerful being walking around in the mortal world battling each other, which lays waste to the innocents and land near them. Having no more leads on the Son of Dark at the moment, the group took a rest to train, and begin building up their Guildhouse. During this time, they were approached by a severely burned and hugely muscled man, (Xerphus) whom turned out to be a Cleric of Hephaestus. He wished to hire the Adventuring Dead for a mission. The mission was to find a caravan that has gone missing, containing metal ingots bound for the Hephaestus temple out of Malea, the Dwarf-lands. It was known the caravan left the dwarf-lands, and made it at least halfway along it’s route, but did not arrive at the temple. It is expected they ran into problems, particularly since much of the journey passed along the edges of the Reaching Wood, the forest of the Wild Fae. The group agreeded to the price, a special armor or weapon forged for each member of the group to go along on the mission. The journey would be long, as much as two or three weeks. However, they would be leaving at the very end of summer, but the return would be in the early autumn. Along the way, they encountered some strange creatures, seropards (odd creatures a mix of viper and leopard), and a creature unlike any encountered before, an Earth Horror, some form of animate earth spirit. This one took the form of a large hill. The beast was one hundred yards across, and built something like a turtle. However, it was camoflauged, appearing as nothing more than a large hill. The group eventually defeated it, however, their mounts (with the exception of one) were slain and devoured by the creature. The group managed to find the trail of the caravan, specifically a trail indicating they were attacked, and that there was a running battle. The caravan for some reason left the trail, and headed directly into the Reaching Wood. During their tracking they found the corpses of dwarven guards, as well as creatures which must be related to Satyrs, however these are much more goat-like than human. With little choice, the group followed the creatures into the fae wood. There they have encountered a few strange creatures, a dark spirit which took the form of mist, and it’s compainion, some sort of shadow panther. Later they encountered living boulders, which they avoided, and then sentient and animate thorn bushes, which they also avoided. Later they encountered strange ant-men sorts of creatures, which they soundly destroyed. That night, as they looked for a camp site, they were visited by a member of the Lunar Fae they had already encountered, Felisin the cannushee. She explained, her wolflike features attempting charm and friendliness, that she was instructed to provide the group hospitality of the Winter Court for this task they are on. The group was rightly suspiscious,Felisin explained that the Winter Court considers this an investment on the debt. For the group’s elf, Puck, owes his life twice to Queen Mab. Felisn leads the group into the fairy realm of Winter, at it’s very edge. Here a cottage was created for the group to rest, and hide in. Felisn explains that the caravan the group seeks was captured by Satyen, creatures simlar to Satyrs, but part of the Fae Realm, and their masters, the Maenads, female followers of Dionysus is dark side, devoted to madness and bloodlust. She continues on to explain there are hundreds of Satyen, such numbers would be impossible for the group to surive a conflict with. However, she had a solution, gifted to her by Queen Mab. She explains, if the group will take a flask of liquid, and spike the drink provided each day to the Satyen by the Maenads, that they would have an answer to both dealing with the creatures, and allow Puck to pay off one of his debts to Queen Mab. The group agree’s and through stealth and trickery, manage to spike the drink before the wandering hundreds of Satyen arrive at the clearing that night. The group awaits for midnight, as instructed, and are treated to a rare sight. The Queen herself arrived in the clearing around the spiked drink. With some magic most powerful, she took control or gained the loyalty of the hundred or more assembled Satyen. She spoke to them, chiding them for following another, and then in a blast of wind and snow which obscured vision, she and all the Satyen were gone. Our brave adventurers continued on, and shortly discovered the area claimed by the Maenads as their camp. A natural fortress, walls made of carefully planted oaks, which had been pruned and maintained to grow into what amounted to walls. The group was able to gain entry to the fortress, and see the simple camp with in. This week’s adventure will have the group attempt to spirit away the stolen goods from the caravan, hopefully without alerting the Maenads.