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Join us for a on-going pathfinder campaign/mini-sessions. New comers to the campaign/beginners welcome.
The last session our adventurers met on heard the lore of the silver skeleton and sampled the local "House Brew." which contained unknown potions. The cross-dressing fighter found the strength of a bear and that he could jump extremely well. The cleric had an allergic reaction causing her hair to explosively grow to her ankles. One party member levitated off the ground and an animal companion (tiger) grew large. Having refreshed themselves at the hostel the party set off to contact the kobolds in the aquaduct and seek the silver skeleton. The adventurers were first confronted with a 4 foot deep lake, a 15 foot ladder to the lake leading to the entrance of the aqueduct. The rogue turned druid attempted to disable a trap on the ladder, but was unsuccessful. He then started to plummet into the lake with his arms and legs manacled. As he fell into the lake he was grabbed by a long arm and was being choked. The "odd raspy voiced being" of the group used an animated rope to lasso their falling companion while the gunslinger shot the creature. As the creature released the druid to flee the party pulled their companion to safety. Casting detect evil the paladin saw the lake contained 5 pits radiating evil. Scared of what they will find the party contemplated blowing up the dam forming the lake. Just then a skittish kobold approached the group and asked, "Why do you talk of blowing up or lake?" in draconic. The party members who spoke draconic started negotiating with the kobold. Inn-Kee the kobold offered to take the party to his leader to present their offer of a barrel of ale a month to keep the kobolds from harassing the hostel guests. Join us for the next sessions when the party ventures into the aqueduct, contacts the kobolds and seeks the elusive silver skeleton.