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PathFinder @ World of Heroes

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Pathfinder: Lenny (GM'ing)

Intro: It has been eons since the acient Gods have awaken. The world of Clestia is a paradise waiting to be spoiled. Secretly the forces of darkness and void, plot to destroy the Prime. Only True heros can cast down the evil that is to come, or join forces with ...

GM Notes: All players will build a character for this saga. I have left the game very open ended that way I don’t funnel the players into any direction. I have smaller adventures that I will run, that will have tie ins to other missions later or before. This will provide a lot of subplots that can reappear periodically throughout the campaign. Some game sessions can advance in days, months, and years. Players are welcome to work out their back stories with me out of game, to have them impact in-game.

For More Information about the game:

Contact Lenny @ [masked]
Game 1 Starts May 28th @ 4:00Pm at World of Heroes in Dacula
2464 Winder Hwy # I1
Dacula, GA[masked]

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