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This group are for those leading the way within the AI and Big Data space. We also want people who are looking to learn and better understand to join us on this journey and come along to hear some of those inspiring people talk. We will discuss what is happening within the industry as well make some lasting business friendships whilst having a little debate and fun! Maybe a beer too.

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Getting Deep With AI: Can Deep Learning Help Disrupt Marketing?

AI marketing technology can help brands and marketers to fully automate and optimise the way in which we manage customer journeys. Today we want to be able to reach the customer with the right message at the right time. Also, it is important to offer a personalised experience which individual customers can relate too. We will also see much improvement and more investment into programmatic. AI and machine learning already power programmatic and this will only develop further as new machines will better track sentiment, generate targeted copy and provide a better ad experience. Join us in a little speculation, discuss and debate around AI and how this will change marketing an the marketers moving forward. We like to keep things educational and inspiring at the start with our speakers (TBC) and end with a general discussion roundtable feel followed by a little networking. We'd love to meet you all and make some new friends.