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We will start the session with introduction to Ethereum and its Eco-system of tools, where it stands and its current challenges. Then we will look into what is an ERC and EIP.

During this meetup we will try to understand what actually an ERC-721 token is, why do we need to have yet another token standard when we already have ERC-20.

We will then skim through the ERC-721 interface to understand all the functions, then implement it and deploy onto a testnet.

We will try to do this exercise in a Test Driven Development mode, where we write the Unit Tests, then fail them and start writing code to pass them. Once we have our Smart contract ready we will deploy on the main testnet like Ropsten or Rinkeby and interact with it from the frontend using web3.

Pre-requisites if you want to follow while we do this live:
1. Recommended to have either Mac OS X+ or Ubuntu for this session. Though it works on Windows you might run into issues later on.
2. Install Java 8 or 8+
3. Install node (LTS should be good)
4. Install node modules i.e., truffle, ganache-cli, web3
5. Install Ganache User Interface
6. Install any other editor (that has Javascript scripting capability) of your choice. I would be using Visual Studio Code during this session.
7. Install Metamask Chrome plugin.
8. (Optional) Install Brave browser.
9. (Optional) Basic understanding of Solidity.
10. (Optional) Basic understanding of Web3.
11. (Recommended) Basic understanding of Javascript.

* Install chrome browser if you don't have already installed.

Feel free to reach out to me if you got any questions during setting up these softwares.