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Exploring the ways AI has grown and changed over the millennia, and how it can and has been used to both change and reinforce human power structures. Many topics will include the nature of how we perceive intelligence, how our cognitive and cultural biases directly affect machine intelligence, and even just what comprises thought, cognition, emotion, and autonomy.

Getting in Touch


Any communication directly between you and I is absolutely private, and I absolutely promise that:

• I'll follow everything laid out in our Code of Conduct

• I'll treat every question or comment you have as being in good faith with very few exceptions, and then I'll refer you to reading material that might be more helpful

• If you ask me about homework, work projects, or anything that might be considered "off-topic" on places like Stack Overflow, I'll double-down and help you any way I can.

• Anything we discuss I consider to be in the strictest confidence unless you make it clear to what extent it isn't.


We have a standing Google Hangount (https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/theunixman.com/aichicago) that I try to also broadcast our sessions from you're welcome to join any time.


We also have a chat room on Matrix (https://about.riot.im/). It has a web interface (https://riot.im/app/) as well as native apps for mobile and desktop (https://about.riot.im/downloads/). It also supports end-to-end encryption for privacy, between people and groups, and is definitely worth checking out. You can access the room anonymously (https://riot.im/app/#/room/#ChicagoAI:matrix.org), and if you create or already have an account, the room's addresses are:

• #ChicagoAI:matrix.org

• #AIChicago:matrix.org

We're also in the directory.

And if you ever need to reach me directly there, I'm @theunixman:matrix.org, and my device keys are:



You can always get in touch with me securely that way with any comments, gripes, suggestions, and really anything you'd like to talk about.

Signal and Phone

My Signal and phone number is 213-235-7495. Text, call or Signal any time, although sometimes you'll have to ring twice to wake it up.

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Eva's Coffee Shop

Fairness and Bias

Eva's Coffee Shop

Fairness and Bias

Eva's Coffee Shop

Fairness and Bias

Eva's Coffee Shop

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