Partner Event: AI and Autonomous Systems

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We have partnered with UCLA CAEV (Connected Autonomous Electric Vehicle) and Samueli School of Engineering, UCLA.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being called the 'fourth industrial revolution'. It is now poised to transform every industry, just as electricity did 100 years ago and the Internet did 50 years ago. Between now and 2030, AI is expected to generate $13 trillion in global economic activity. While AI has already created tremendous value for technology companies such as Google, Baidu and Facebook, additional waves of value creation will go beyond the high-tech sector. The rise of AI presents an opportunity for businesses to differentiate themselves and gain strategic advantage over their competition.

While AI is not new, the increase in the scale and speed of the existing computing infrastructure and the availability of new computing infrastructures such as cloud, has made it cheaper and faster to tackle problems of significant scale using AI. In addition, new emerging technologies now allow handling of large distributed datasets for faster processing, making better AI solutions feasible. These factors, coupled with the availability of large volumes of data generated from social, mobile, smart-homes and automobiles using IoT (Internet of Things), are bringing greater reliability to predictions generated by machine learning and bringing AI to the forefront to solve real world problems quickly and efficiently.

Sectors ranging from retail to entertainment and healthcare to finance are making investments in various applications with AI. The transportation sector is perhaps experiencing the largest investments with automobile manufacturers teaming up with high-tech companies to come up with autonomous car solutions such as Alphabet's Waymo and General Motors' Cruise. In the transportation sector, AI has also provided businesses the technology to come up with solutions for ride-sharing, car rental, electric cars and micro-mobility, bringing significant disruption to the sector.

This workshop will bring together thought leaders from industry and academia to define and discuss AI, where AI can be used and, skills and opportunities being generated for data scientists and analysts interested in business and policy issues especially as they pertain to autonomous systems such as those in transportation. The future of AI including block-chain, privacy and cybersecurity will also be discussed. Successful business models, policies that need to be put into place and, biases and ethics with AI are also topics for discussion at this workshop.

This workshop aims to build thought leadership in AI with focus on autonomous systems. Experts from various applications of AI and those in the transportation sector will present and discuss the recent developments, key problems to solve and what is the future.

Who Should Attend:
Whether you approach AI as a data scientist, data analyst, researcher, business executive or entrepreneur, this conference will provide the opportunity to learn and network with experts in AI and those working on innovations in the automotive and transportation sectors. This workshop is designed to deliver the latest breakthroughs and trends in AI as applied to Autonomous Systems to practitioners, academics, businesses, and startups, with a technical emphasis.