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Large scale availability of image data, and recent advances in deep neural networks have led to unprecedented advancements in the field of computer vision. Modern day computer vision algorithms are able to identify and classify objects in real time, diagnose skin diseases with higher accuracy than groups of expert doctors, and can recognize people by face, even if they change their hairstyles or facial hair. These phenomenal breakthroughs in deep computer vision have happened within the last decade – imagine what the near future will show us!

AI Lab is proud to present a special two-part event on computer vision. This Monday, you will learn about bleeding edge computer vision technology being applied to two different fields – 3D computer vision, and computer vision for agriculture.

And next week we will have a special 3 hour hands-on workshop where you will learn the fundamentals of deep computer vision, right from the basics of convolutional neural networks, to the state of the art algorithm for object detection and localization, YOLO (You Only Look Once).

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Speaker: Dennis van Muijen, Rijk Zwaan

"Food security starts with good seeds”

The Netherlands is the 2nd largest exporter of agricultural products and the largest exporter of vegetable seeds with a market share of 40%. Innovation is key in this sector and deep learning is a pivotal catalyst in developing new products. In the talk lessons learnt in providing an end-to-end computer vision application are shared as well as a bright future ahead regarding deep learning in genomics.'

Speaker: Dr. Sezer Karaoglu, CTO at 3DUniversum

How the advances in 3D Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence change the way we solve problems.

In this talk, we will provide an overview of the rapidly evolving field of 3D computer vision and Artificial Intelligence. In addition, we will interactively demonstrate 3DU solutions (i.e. mobile 3D scanning, virtual eyewear try on, visual inspection, smart video manipulation etc.) and show how artificial intelligence is already changing life paradigms to individuals as well as our whole society.

18:00 - Doors Open
18:30 - First talk + Q&A
19:10 - Break
19:30 - Second talk + Q&A
20:10- Networking drinks