What we're about

Using Machine Learning for Business Impact

In order to drive business impact with Machine Learning (AI), businesses need to build integrated, cross-functional teams that know how to get technology into production. This group is an attempt to build a community of those cross-functional team members.

The lack of a common language between Data Science / ML Engineers and Business inhibits strategic decision making, resource allocation, and business problem formulation. This group will make a small contribution towards solving that problem.

This exclusive and newly formed community of senior technologists and business executives know how to get things done. Join us if you are a doer or builder who is using -- or wants to use -- machine learning to solve problems within an enterprise or to differentiate a product.

This group is for:

• Business executives who want more technical knowledge

• Technologists who want to have a deeper understanding of business problems and

how to solve them

• Hybrid talents like Analysts and Product Managers who have a foot in each

This community itself is an experiment. Can all these people find a common purpose and a common language? Help us find out, and contribute and learn a lot in the process.

You may be a . . .
Data Scientist, Digital Innovator, BI /Business / Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Growth Hacker, Data Engineer, Sales Enablement, Fullstack Engineer, Product Manager, Marketer, (tell us who else should be on the list)

Examples of topics that we will cover

• Machine Learning for Business Users

• Machine Learning uses cases from the real world (success & failure)

• Technical innovation with measurable business impact

• Business, finance and organizational considerations for technical leaders

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