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Have you ever imagined you could increase sales by an additional 15%? Or predict problems before they even occur? Or increase the engagement of all your employees, both local and remote?

Recent advancements in AI have made this possible.

Discover how artificial intelligence can help you retain talent, predict employee resignations, maximize sales, identify conflicts in teams before they arise, help build self-motivated teams, and much more.

David Yang is a Silicon Valley business angel, serial entrepreneur, Ph.D. in AI, member of the Band of Angels.

David is the founder and Chairman of the board of ABBYY.com, leading NLP, AI, Text Analytics, Document Capture, OCR company with 1000+ employees in 11 countries and 50 million users. He is also co-founder of Findo, Inc. the creator of Yva.ai - AI-powered performance management employee engagement software. David is a co-creator of iiko, Plazius, Cybiko, Ayb School and other innovative products and technologies.

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