What we're about

AI for People. Behind that pompous name is a willingness to change the scale of analysis when discussing the impact of AI on society.

Much is being talked about at a macro-level: “What AI means for banking” “What AI means for truck drivers”. We believe that a large part of the transition to an AI-first world will be done at a much granular level: AI-augmented tools used every day and daily tasks being simplified. AI for People is a series of events that will put the focus on the applications of AI:

• _Our monthly meetup: “AI for Users: Dissecting the UX of AI-augmented products” will be the opportunity to learn more about the new UX of products using AI, directly from their creators.

• _Our AI Workshops will be the opportunity to dig deeper into what AI means for an industry at the job and task level, what it means for your day-to-day job in 5-10 years. Based on what is known and our design thinking methodology, you’ll be able to forecast a vision of your future job and retro plan from it to see the steps in order to adapt/leverage it.


Why are we doing this? _At FABERNOVEL we believe in the technology as a change maker agent. There are many ways to think this but our conviction is that focusing on the user centricity is the best way to really make sense of it.

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