The 'AI For Women' Webinar

AI for Women
AI for Women
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'AI For Women' presents: A Webinar all about Artificial Intelligence.

The goal of this Webinar is to facilitate learning and to encourage participants to connect with one another. We look forward to a healthy and informative discussion among Participants in the Chat.


Session 1: Introduction to Machine Learning (Speaker: Nikita Silaparasetty)
Session 2: Q&A Round

We will be answering your AI related questions, so feel free to send them in through the links below:
Google Form:
AIFW Quora space:
AIFW Website:

You will need to install Zoom to use it. Please visit the website to do so.
P.S. - Don't worry, installation is usually quick, easy, and safe.

Since it is an online event, access to it will be a lot easier. So go ahead and spread the word!