Foundations in Computer Vision, Current Challenges and Opportunities


Our guest lecturer is Sara Hooker. She is a researcher at Google Brain with a focus on deep learning. Her research interests gravitate towards algorithm interpretability, security and model compression research for mobile first AI.

She believes in the power of data for good. In January 2014, She founded Delta Analytics. Delta is a 501(c)3 non-profit that brings together researchers, data scientists, and software engineers from around the Bay Area to volunteer their skills for nonprofits around the world. Delta teaching fellows build technical capacity around the world to empower communities to use their data for good. Their pilot course was in Nairobi, Kenya and all of curriculum and code is available for free on their website.

Sara will be taking two classes tailored to both beginners and Intermediate students. The beginner class will be in the morning where she will be going through foundations in Computer Vision, Current Challenges and Opportunities. She will dive deeper into more content for the intermediate class in the afternoon.