*AIC* Expats get together: Wines in Overtoom

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Rayleigh & Ramsay

Zocherstraat 2 · Amsterdam

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We will be practically taking over the bar, but if you have any doubt ask the bartender or look for my hat!

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Hello expats!

AIC, The Amsterdam International Community is happy to host another of its successful events at Rayleigh&Ramsay

AIC events are not only a great idea to meet new people, but also an opportunity to see a lot of regular expats who join our events to mingle with their international friends.

We meet at 21 at Rayleigh&Ramsay at the corner between Overtoom and Zocherstraat!
A venue all about the self exploring of 100 open wines (that’s right 100!) in a casual setting.

When you will arrive, go to get a card at the bar and top it up with the amount you like.
Insert the card the wine dispensers and you will be able to pour to yourself a potentially endless journey in a gorgeous Wineland!
The card enables you to dispense either a half glass, a full glass of wine or a little taster. To help you out a bit the wines are presented by tasting profile or theme. Of course there is staff around to provide advice and information and to serve food and other drinks.
We personally already tried this experience and we found it F A N T A S T I C!!

At Rayleigh&Ramsay you can be a starting wine drinker or a wine experts, either way you will feel like a kid in a candy store!

When you join an event organized by AIC, you can come alone, with friends, your pet or whoever you prefer! In any case everyone will welcome you and make you feel comfortable.
Based on my own experience, I really recommend (especially if you are new) to come around the beginning of the event. It is the easiest way to meet and start a conversation with the other members. :-)

Like for all our events there will be also an "AIC drink deal". The team at Rayleigh&Ramsay Overtoom has already shared some great ideas with us about the special event drink, but I will announce it only couple of days before the event, so stay tuned!

The AIC team

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