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Software and AI will continue to seize every industry and transform society. We are helping to build a movement to democratize AI by making it more accessible, while increasing diversity and transforming technology work culture to be healthier, and more inclusive and collaborative. We will do this not only because it is better for the world, but because it is better for competitiveness and for AI.

AI Launch Lab aims to help address Montréal’s AI training and talent gap by identifying remarkably talented individuals who are highly motivated to work in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The AI Research and Development Program offers the chance to learn and to acquire skills and experience in AI through creation supported by mentorship. The cohort will be given the opportunity and support to provide real value to startups, and to push the boundaries of AI in research and development and open innovation projects.

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Climate Crisis AI Hackathon + Kickoff Conference

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Open to all. Hack or watch. [Français ci-dessous] *In order to participate, applications must be submitted and tickets must be purchased here (for attendees, a spectator ticket must be purchased)*: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/climate-crisis-ai-hackathon-kickoff-conference-tickets-130078511329 The Climate Crisis AI Hackathon is a 48-hour event over the weekend of January 22nd with additional workshops on the 18th and 19th. It will bring together beginners and experts to tackle Climate Change related problems using AI. Over 250 vetted, talented, and diverse participants supported by leading mentors in their fields will come together to collaborate to address the climate crisis and its impacts on communities and ecosystems. Moreover, an additional 250+ will attend the Kickoff Conference Talks with distinguished guests. The event will prioritize inclusivity, bringing 75% participation from underrepresented groups in tech. It is in collaboration with and supported by Concordia University (especially from Concordia Student Union and Concordia Council on Student Life), District 3 Innovation Center, Montréal Newtech, Environment Canada, Canadian Center for Climate Services, Dawson College, Front Row Ventures, AI For Tomorrow, CIFAR, and others. Five challenge types will be given: “Kaggle Style” competition: Work on achieving the highest benchmark/best model for the given challenge. Data Visualization Challenge: Build a visualization tool thanks to a given dataset. Climate Change Impact: Explore the potential impacts on humans and the environment using climate change projection data. AI Artist Challenge: Use AI to transform climate and environmental data artistically to create beautiful visualisations, music, or unique pieces of art. Open Challenge: Participants from any level of experience will get the chance to define their own problem and solutions. The primary deliverables will be a pitch deck with ML Canvas. Providing a proof of concept can also be done. Learn more about the hackathon in our latest newsletter: http://eepurl.com/hke4_X Le hackathon en intelligence artificielle (IA) sur la crise climatique est un événement de 48 heures se déroulant le week-end du 22 janvier. L'évènement réunira autant de spécialistes que de novices pour s'attaquer aux problèmes reliés aux changements climatiques en utilisant l'IA. Plus de 250 personnes de divers horizons collaboreront afin de résoudre les problèmes reliés à la crise climatique et à ses conséquences sur les gens et les écosystèmes. Des mentors de premier plan dans leur domaine les soutiendront. De plus, 250 autres personnes participeront aux discussions avec des invité·e·s de marque lors de la conférence de lancement. Le hackathon est organisé avec le soutien et la collaboration du District 3 Innovation Center, de Montréal Newtech, du CIFAR, de l'Université Concordia (Concordia Student Union et Concordia Council on Student Life), Research & Development Frontiers Institute (RDFI) , du College Dawson, du Front Row Ventures, d'AI For Tomorrow, d’Environnement et changement climatique Canada et de bien d'autres. Cinqs catégories de défis seront proposées: Compétition style Kaggle: les participants devront créer le meilleur modèle possible selon le challenge donné. Défi de visualisation de données: un ensemble de données sera fourni aux participants qui devront construire un outil de visualisation innovant. Impacts des changements climatiques: Les participants seront invités à utiliser des données prédictives de changements climatiques afin d’explorer les impacts potentiels sur les humains et l’environnement. Défi d’IA artistique: utiliser l'IA pour transformer les données climatiques et environnementales en oeuvre d'art. Défi ouvert: les participants, quel que soit leur niveau d'expérience, auront la possibilité de définir leur propre problème et solutions. Le livrable principal sera un document de présentation réalisé avec ML Canvas.

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