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We welcome all Airbnb Hosts, Real Estate Investor or passionate entrepreneurs who want to increase their Business in Las Vegas Area. We focus on studying, learning and improving everything about the Short Term Rentals, including the research and management of the Airbnb and any Short Rental Platform, in our region first and then, we go further and check the nation's market. In our events, we look forward to sharing experiences, networking opportunities and exploring topics and tools that can make the business better.

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How to Create Passive Income in Real Estate Owning No Property with Airbnb

People believe that getting into the Airbnb is difficult and that you actually need to have a property in order to put to it in the Short Term Rental Market. And that's not really the case. We want to show how you can create incredible high profitable margins with Airbnb without owning any property! Let's talk about the steps and decisions you need to take in order to make wealth: * What, where, when.. those are the primary questions to be answered. It's critical to know the market and learn the best performance of listings in your targeted city or zip code. Learn all about seasonality and when is the best time to start the business to recover the investment in record time. We're looking forward to your participation! This online event is FOR FREE, so do not miss it! It will be on Monday, October 21st, 2019. At 7 pm PDT. Please, register to the webinar through this Zoom link (imperative), and then also give us your RSVP in meetup: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_72VPWGj-Stq5Do0yFZ5LMA

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