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Our next Meetup features two exciting speakers:

Brendan Forster from github & James Rowlands from Trade Me.

Reactive Extensions for Mere Mortals - Brendan Forster

You might have heard about the Reactive Extensions framework. You might have even tried it out. But why should you care about this style of programming? Isn't it just for academics who like to wear hypercolour shirts?

In this talk I'll run through:

- what these crazy IObservable and IObserver interfaces are for

- illustrate how Rx is not async/await - and how you can mix them together

- how you can use LINQ to filter, aggregate and project streams of data

- show some of the applications and frameworks out there which leverage Rx

- demonstrate some easy ways to get started with Rx

Brendan is a code writer and open source cat herder currently working for GitHub. When not coding all the things, he enjoys beer, walks along the beach, and traveling to places old and new.

How a graph database can get you beer - James Rowlands

You might have heard the increased talk recently around graph databases, all the big boys like Facebook are using them.

In this presentation James will cover

- What is a Graph Databases?

- Why Graph Databases are “O for Awesome”

- Why should you care?

- When and how you can use them

- How graph databases can help you find beer

By day James is a .Net developer at Trade Me, by night he delves into the dark side and plays with the LAMP stack. He also likes beer and prefers swimming at the beach to long walks, unless it is walking to beer.