Learn How To Control Properties With Lease Options And Build Cash Flow!

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Have you ever wondered how some investors can take a dead deal and turn it into a good deal.
Have you ever asked yourself how do I make this deal a deal when there is no equity in it.

These are some of the questions that you will get answers to at this meeting. Lease Option control has been around for years longer then I have been a live. It is one of the most over looked investing strategies and why? Because most people don't understand the paperwork that goes along with it.

With a lease option control strategy you can do deals with sellers that only have little or no equity in there house. Now, if you have been looking at any leads you will find a LOT of leads that fit this strategy.

All the leads that you would through in the trash because there was no equity can now be turned into treasure.. We like to call it turning Trash into Treasure!!

If you want to find away to start making cash flow from houses and you can get a bank to working with you then this is the meeting for you.

If you are looking to just start doing more deals from the leads you already have then this is the meeting for you.

Come out and learn first hand from someone that has done 100's of these transaction our very on President Zack Childress.

He will share with you how to start a lease option business, what you need to have in place to make is work, how to find the right sellers, how to find the buyers, What are some of the BIG things to watch out for and how to stay safe and legal doing it.

Look forward to seeing everyone

5:30 pm registration and networking starts. We will start at 6:30 pm for the training.

For all Non-Active Members there will be a $20 door fee, Silver, Gold, Platinum Members and Coaching Students attend for free.You can buy the membership at the door, ask for details.