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I shall be running various workshops through this MeetUp Group - all different and all beneficial in various ways, physical, mental and spiritual.

Here are a few examples of the Ceremonies and Workshops I shall be scheduling through this MeetUp Group - I very much look forward to meeting you at some of these events and getting to know you all better.

Woman’s Red Tent Activation Initiation Ceremony: Were you witnessed, honoured or celebrated when you came of age? Inside many women lives the maiden she once was, interrupted mid- bloom by not being welcomed into womanhood. It’s never too late, feel restored and awaken to your power.

This workshop helps you release negativity around your body, cyclicity, femininity absorbed during adolescence from our families and the culture at large. It will provide a foundation for honouring our menstruation as a spiritual practice , whether we still bleed or not and allow us to authentically welcome our daughters and granddaughters into empowered womanhood.

The Tao of Cacao the Alchemy of Sacred Chocolate: Woman's Empowerment Workshop using Shamanic Practice and Sacred Chocolate. A workshop using ceremonial cacao and unique shamanic practices to open your heart and ground your gifts , a delicious way to transform your life and experience more love and self awareness and chocolate . I have been a shamanic practitioner and leader of ceremony. for over thirty years leading women’s chocolate circles and full moon lodges. I have been working with the power of sacred chocolate to heal ,transform, delight, liberate, sensualze using sacred ceremonial chocolate to ground clients to awaken and recognise their feminine power, to help them reclaim their focus, joy voice and purpose.


Testimonials from previous Workshop and Ceremony participants:

" I was blessed to share the day with amazing, beautiful women and found the experience to be enlightening, dynamic and healing. Amanda nurtures you, whilst encouraging you to honour the woman within, shed unwanted labels and negative patterns of behaviour. All this takes place in a truly sacred space, filled with pure beautiful energy... There were tears as well as laughter and we all came away celebrating our femininity, feeling energised and healed.

I can't thank her enough, or think of a better way to spend a day.
Don't hesitate to join her, after all you're worth it! K.S"

" How amazing I found yesterday. I feel like I released so much, in so many ways. Your light and guidance are exceptional Amanda and I truly felt I was in the company of angels. A huuuuge thank you."

"Amanda's workshop helped me to access depths of my soul I didn't know existed. These depths are hard to access without this kind of really important work.
In these depths, you find the huge power of love , with so much raw force, that it literally feels like it heals yourself, the women sitting around you and the world beyond. I left a different woman to the one who arrived. A woman full of laughter, lightness, love and huge power. "

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Feel good Friday sound healing and meditation evening

Becketts, Tripp Hill, Fittleworth

wonderful women's full moon ceremony

Needs a location

Full Moon women's ceremony and sound healing

Becketts, Tripp Hill, Fittleworth

Women's Cacao ceremony, sacred drumming journey and storytelling

Becketts, Tripp Hill, Fittleworth


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