Sacred Feminine: A Conscious Women’s Circle


Human beings have been sitting in circles, in all cultures, since the ancient times. This group is a sacred gathering of the feminine within our community, joining together to form a sacred circle which represents a strong and safe place for sharing. The sharing begins with each woman individually expressing different aspects of their lives, owning her behavior and the choices that she makes. Some will discuss problems, others will celebrate their victories, some will choose to actively listen, and others will simply check in with their feelings at that present moment. We are supported by our fellow sisters, acknowledged, accepted, and listened to unconditionally. This is a confidential space where we are free to express ourselves and know that we are not alone. As women in the world we are much more powerful, not in isolation, not in competition with each other, but in collaboration with each other, in support of each other. These groups are two hours in length and may include yoga, breath work and meditation.

Cost: $15.00

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