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Crossing the Threshold Study Group
***Meets every first Monday of every month*** • What we'll do This study group is founded on the principles of anthroposophy and our first study is a book on selected talks and meditations of Rudolf Steiner’s “Staying Connected: How to continue your relationships with those who have died.” We look forward to this new beginning and if a second location can be found we could meet twice monthly in order to build dynamic conversations on this vital and holy topic. • Important to know This study is for all who not only seek to understand the journey of life after death and that great threshold, and prepare and connect to those loved ones who have crossed this threshold that waits just before each one of us; but also, for those seeking wisdom of the thresholds for consciously entering higher worlds while still in this earthly mortal incarnation. As our community begins to age, we have begun to have loved ones cross into “The Greater Life,” and we face the realization that we have vital work still awaiting this incarnation and part of that involves connecting with “The Greater Life,” that is, life after physical death, as well as developing knowledge for developing capacities for helping to more adequately complete tasks as creative servants of the divine becoming a free human being of the 10th hierarchy.

Cappy's Studio

707 S. Snoqualmie St., Ste. 4A · Seattle, WA

What we're about

Anthroposophic (an-thro-po-SOF-ic) Endeavors is a group for anthroposophists (an-thro-POS-o-fists) or those wishing to expand their consciousness and comprehension of the spiritual realm.

To encourage such achievement, this meetup invites you to scheduled events in Seattle and surrounding areas specific to Anthroposophy (an-thro-POS-o-fee).

During the cycle of the year Anthroposophic Endeavors will propose opportunities to:

• engage in self-development and spiritual practice,
• study and comprehend spiritual cosmology and spiritual anthropology,
• be present at special artistic events and performances,
• attend lectures by national and international speakers, and
• participate in programs related to such anthroposophical (an-thro-po-SOF-i-kol) initiatives as Biodynamic farming, the Christian Community, the School of Spiritual Science, and Waldorf education.

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