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As the world’s data-centric workloads become more diverse, so do architectures that process that data. Intel’s breadth of architectures span scalar (CPU), vector (GPU), matrix (AI) and spatial (FPGA). These architectures require efficient programming model cross industry and cross architecture. In this meet up we will discuss about the challenges and technical solutions unique to this space .

oneAPI is a unified programming model to optimize performance for a wide range of data-centric workloads across varied architectures such as in CPU, GPU, FPGA and other accelerators. It includes the programming language, Data Parallel C++ and libraries that, together, deliver parallel programming productivity, and cross-architecture application performance while providing an alternative to single architecture programming approaches.

Please explore the Intel® Developer Zone (https://software.intel.com/en-us/oneapi).

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OpenMP based GPU offload using Intel oneAPI

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OpenMP* provides portable, performant, and productive parallel programming interfaces for applications on a wide range of platforms and is one of the programming models available in Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit. This talk presents the OpenMP based offload capabilities of the Intel® C++ Compiler and Intel® Fortran Compiler, which may be used to target applications to Intel Xe Graphics, like the ones used in ALCF’s forthcoming exascale system Objective • oneAPI – What, why, how? • Learn the OpenMP* offload constructs to deploy applications on Intel Xe GPUs. • Hands on lab exercises on Intel® DevCloud. Who should attend? If you are a programmer who wants to develop HPC applications for multiple architectures (CPU, GPU) this workshop is for you! Join us to learn about the basics of OpenMP* based GPU Offload. This workshop is based on Intel® oneAPI tools suite, with focus on OpenMP* based GPU offload, and will be a great experience for getting you started with Intel® oneAPI toolkits. Kindly register today to save a seat- https://software.seek.intel.com/OpenMPWorkshop_Reg Agenda: Welcome & Introduction - 9:30 - 09:40 am - Kavita Aroor Introduction to Intel® oneAPI - 9:40 - 10:00 am - Lakshminarasimhan Ranganathan OpenMP based GPU offload - 10:00 - 12:30 pm - Dr. Amarpal Kapoor OpenMP on CPUs (overview) Introduction to OpenMP* offload Constructs to manage device data Constructs to leverage parallelism Summary Please make sure you request DevCloud access https://intelsoftwaresites.secure.force.com/DevCloud/?eventcode=OPENMP26NOV to participate in the hands-on workshop and follow along the coding exercises. Join our Discord channel https://discord.com/invite/ycwqTP6 where our experts will answer your questions, and you can interact with other like-minded developers. See you there! Best Regards, Kavita Aroor

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oneAPI DPC++ Virtual workshop

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