• AP - Summer Recital (virtual)

    Online event

    Update (July 2): Much to our regret, we have to reverse our hopeful desire to be able to play in person in July. Greene Music is still closed, as are libraries around town. So our July Summer Piano Recital will revert to 100% virtual again and apologies to pianists who have registered to play live. Please record your piece and submit to [masked]. Video recordings preferred but audio is also accepted. Fees are waived for virtual performances but donations are welcome and needed. To donate, please go to our website - www.AmateurPianists.org - thank you!

    We will continue to hope and will monitor the situation each month. Thank you for your patience and support.
    Are you ready for in-person, live piano music? Are you ready to return to listen to piano music with a small group of people?

    It's time for another recital, our Summer Recital! As we enjoy the warm weather and the gradual return to social interactions in San Diego, we are pleased to announce a hybrid recital, FREE to audiences from anywhere in the US and the rest of the world via live streaming on our Facebook page and FREE to those who will attend in person!

    We are looking forward to LIVE APPLAUSE in support of the adult pianists who will sign up to play, having labored long and hard on their music in preparation. Come share their passion and enjoy the range of musical works that span centuries, countries and cultures.

    Note: Audience size will be subject to San Diego health code requirements for indoor events including vaccination and testing. In addition, we also need to abide by Greene Music's policy for using their auditorium.

    Performers: To register to play, please email us at [masked] with your name, the name of the piece, composer and approximate duration. After over a year of pandemic restrictions, we are looking at slowly returning to fully live events. During this transition period, we ask performers to consider donating $20 to help AmateurPianists cover our on-going costs. However this is optional, and we THANK YOU for playing!)

    Audience: To attend in person, please visit our website https://www.amateurpianists.org/event-info/summer-recital and RSVP (limited seats)! You can also register here if you wish to watch our live stream.

    Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted; we hope to raise as much as we can to fund the 2022 piano competition and festival.

    To donate, please go to our website www.AmateurPianists.org. Thank you!

    Board of Directors
    Lulu Hsu, Keith Weibrecht, Yang Shen, Glenn Kramer, Connie Almond, Dallas Plikuhn, Songqing Wen

  • Benefit Concert - Marie-Agathe Charpagne

    Needs a location

    AmateurPianists is pleased to announce an amazing concert experience. Marie-Agathe Charpagne, the 2nd prize winner of the 2019 International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs, will return to San Diego to play at this special fund-raising event! Marie is not only an incredible pianist with astounding technical capabilities that brings forth nuanced musical colors, she also holds a PhD in Materials Science and will be starting as an assistant professor at the University of Illinois this upcoming fall.

    Marie grew up in France where she excelled in both piano and science, studying at the Conservatory of Music while pursuing her scientific studies at the Mines ParisTech engineering school. She exemplifies the left/right brain persona which is so wonderful to behold, whether you are having a conversation with her on high-temperature oxidation-resistant coatings for superalloys or the chord progressions that characterizes Debussy or Rachmaninoff!

    There will be 2 types of tickets to this concert. A limited number of tickets will be available for an in-person, live experience at a beautiful, private home in La Jolla. This includes a meet-the-artist reception after the concert. (Fully vaccinated folks are welcome to attend along with those with negative Covid test results in the week prior.) The event will also be live-streamed and tickets for watching the virtual concert are also available for those who prefer to stay home or are in locations outside of San Diego.

    For tickets to either in-person concert OR virtual concert, please use this link. https://www.amateurpianists.org/event-info/marie-agathe-benefit-concert

    All proceeds of this concert will go toward the 2022 International Piano Competition and Festival for Outstanding Pianists which will be held from June 24-26, 2022 at The Conrad in La Jolla, California.

    As you click on the link to get your ticket, please consider additional donations - AmateurPianists is 100% dependent on donations to support our efforts in providing performance opportunities for the adult pianist.

    Thank you.

  • Ilya Maximov and the Russian Piano School

    Online event

    We are thrilled to have Ilya Maximov, an award-winning pianist, currently based in Austria and Poland, speak to us in May about the Russian Piano School, drawing upon his own heritage growing up in Russia. Ilya will disseminate the impulses and roots of the Russian tradition and reference the professors and composers that had enormous impact on Russian technique and style such as A. Arensky, S. Taneyev, N. Rimsky-Korsakov, V. Safonov, A. Goldenweiser, H. Neuhaus and many others.

    He will play excerpts to illustrate his points and will bring his perspectives to bear on understanding the Russian Masters with their unique sounds. As Ilya is currently teaching at Universitat Mozarteum Salzburg as an assistant to Professor Pavel Gililov, we will certainly benefit from his broad knowledge of music, pianistic excellence and performance experiences. A short bio is provided at the end of this posting and his website is at http://ilyamaximov.com

    To attend this free event, please RSVP to this posting and you will receive a Zoom link and will also be sent reminders.

    AmateurPianists is a 501c3 non-profit and depends on donations for its continued operation. To donate, please go to www.AmateurPianists.org. Thank you!

    Short biography
    Ilya Maximov has performed at the world’s most esteemed concert halls and festivals in Europe, Asia and America including Salle Cortot in Paris, Carnegie Hall in New York, Chamber Hall of Berlin Philharmonie, Morinomiye Piloti Hall in Osaka, Suginami Kokaido in Tokyo, Esplanade Hall in Singapore, Theatre A. Roldán in Havana, Palau de la musica in Valencia, Palau de la Música in Barcelona, Real Academia de Bellas Artes in Madrid and La Sapienza in Rome. He regularly performs as a soloist and with various orchestras such as Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Teatro Carlo Felice Orchestra, Wuhan Symphonic Orchestra, Singapore Youth National Symphonic Orchestra, Raanana Symphonette Orchestra, Orchestra Simfònica del Valles, Bach Chamber Orchestra, Havana National Symphonic Orchestra, Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra among others. He collaborated with such conductors as Justus Franz, James P Liu, Misha Katz, Darrell Ang, and James Ross. Ilya graduated from Conservatori del Liceu in Barcelona, Royal College of Music in London and Universitat Mozarteum Salzburg where he studied with renowned pianists and pedagogues Stanislav Pochekin, Dmitri Alexeev and Pavel Gililov.

  • AP - Spring Recital (virtual)

    Online event

    This virtual recital is FREE to both audience and performers - folks from anywhere in the US and the rest of the world are welcome to join us!

    Come and invite your friends to join us! We will applaud and support pianists who have labored hours on their music to prepare for this recital. Share their passion and let us enjoy the range of musical works that span centuries and countries.

    Performers*: to register to play, please email [masked] with the name of your piece, composer and approximate duration. Depending on how the pandemic progresses, you may be asked to submit a recording or play live at a private house which will be streamed via Zoom. REMINDER TO ALSO REGISTER AS AN AUDIENCE MEMBER, see below.

    Audience: This is always free to attend. (1) Please RSVP to this Meetup event and you should receive the Zoom link when you RSVP "yes" on Meetup. (2) Optional. Go to our website www.AmateurPianists.org and again register for this event which allows us to send you a copy of the program.

    (*During the pandemic, the $20 performance fee is waived for all performers. However, donations of any value are gratefully accepted. To donate, please go to our website www.AmateurPianists.org. Thank you.)

  • AP: Women Composers (virtual event)

    Online event

    March is Women Composers month and AmateurPIanists is pleased to celebrate women composers as historically, they have had to use pseudonyms when publishing their works because of cultural bias of their times.

    While works by women composers are prioritized this month, all music is welcome.

    This recital is FREE and open to everyone in San Diego and the larger global community. AmateurPianists encourages adults to play piano and believes in enabling access to piano performances.

    To attend, please RSVP and you will be provided a link to the Zoom event.

    To register to play, please email [masked] with your name, the name of your piece, composer, approximate duration. For virtual events, please state if you plan to submit a video recording or would like to play live. (Limited live performances, with social distancing and masks, will be available at a private residence.)

    AmateurPianists is a 501c3 non-profit and depends on donations for its continued operation. To donate, please go to www.AmateurPianists.org. Thank you!

  • Piano Moments in Classical Music

    Online event

    Join us for a journey of the piano over the centuries and learn about its history, connections with classical music repertoire and its wide and varied interpretation. The program will be complemented with musical excerpts from concerts around the world and sprinkled with little stories behind the music, delivered by a dynamic and enthusiastic host, Marketa Hancova.

    Marketa was born and raised in the Czech Republic where she received an education in linguistics, music, and literature at the Charles University. A desire to live in a true democracy brought her to the US where she has served for two decades as a dean and a faculty of a small art college. Currently she is a professor at Community College in San Diego. Her passion for culture and travel is reflected in her activities which includes a producing a chamber music series, singing in a Poe Street Band, and serving as a local guide in San Diego notable historical parks and neighborhoods. For more information, visit her blog at

    To attend, please RSVP to this event and your will receive a Zoom link.

    AmateurPianists is a 501c3 non-profit and depends on donations for its continued operation. To donate, please go to www.AmateurPianists.org. Thank you!

  • Winter Recital (corrected date, January 9)

    Online event

    Our first event of 2021! Hopefully, we will be able to get back to in-person recitals later in 2021. This virtual event is FREE to both audience and performers - audiences from anywhere in the world are welcome to join us!

    Come and spend an hour of so with us so you can watch and listen to people you know (or don't know) share their love of piano with a range of music that they have chosen.

    Performers: to register to play, please email [masked] with the name of your piece, composer and approximate duration. Depending on how the pandemic progresses, you may be asked to submit a recording or play live at a private house which will be streamed via Zoom.

    Audience: please RSVP to this Meetup event or register at AmateurPianists.org. You should receive the Zoom link with RSVP YES.

  • Holiday Celebration - updated

    Online event

    Update: join us for music themed games with prizes AND be entertained by Joshua Arky*, who will share songs from a range of genres in his wonderfully rich bass-baritone.
    *Joshua Arky is the founder of "La Cena é Pronta" (dinner is ready), combining vocals with food.
    Yes! We will have a virtual holiday celebration in December to close out 2020! It has been a difficult year for many of us with loss and hardship for some.

    We plan to have an hour or so of cheer with entertainment and interaction - as much as we can with Zoom. This event is free and everyone is welcome, members and non-members.

    You can RSVP here on our Meetup page or on our website (AmateurPianists.org) so you will receive the Zoom link which will be shared 2 days prior and also on the day of the event.

    AmateurPianists Board
    Lulu Hsu, Glenn Kramer, Yang Shen, Keith Weibrecht, Connie Almond, Songqing Wen, Dallas Plikuhn

  • Duets and More

    Online event

    This is the one event we have that encourages pianists to play with another musician - singer, violinist, cellist, guitarist, drummer, brass player, even another pianist! (Of course, solo pianists are also welcome but priority will be given to ensembles.)

    To register to play, please email [masked] with the name of your piece, composer and duration, as well as the name of your fellow musician(s).

    Everyone, including musicians, is asked to register at this link so you will receive the Zoom link, which will be sent out 2 days before and also on the day of the event. https://www.amateurpianists.org/event-info/duets-and-more/form

    Logistics: Only musicians are asked to attend in-person; the audience will be watching on Zoom.
    Further instructions on how to maintain social distancing will be provided to musicians. This event will be hosted at a private house for those musicians who will be performing live.

    AND.......don't forget to Invite your friends to listen to us on Zoom!

    Lulu Hsu
    Chair, AmateurPiansits

  • Masterclass with Ines Irawati

    Online event

    Ines' Masterclass is back!

    We have rescheduled this Masterclass with Ines Irawati as a virtual event for Oct 17, 2020 at 3 pm. You will be able to attend via Zoom while the masterclass itself will be live in a room with 2 pianos and appropriate appropriate social distancing between Ines and student.

    Ines will work with 2 pianists, Keith Weibrecht and Heygene Sung, who will play a prepared piece, each of which will be followed by constructive tips and instructive comments that will enhance their playing and deepen their understanding of the composition. There will be opportunities for questions.

    Ines Irawati is a well-known and celebrated pianist and composer who has won numerous awards in the US and internationally since the age of 14 years. With her rich musical education at the Cleveland Institute of Music and Yale University, she has thrilled audiences with her exuberant and lyrical pianistic talent. She is currently musical and artistic director of San Diego Opera's Opera Exposed, a much sought-after collaborator of vocalists, a member of Aviara Trio, an instructor, among many other activities. Ines was also a jury member of the 2016 International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs, organized by AmateurPianists.

    We will also be able to hear Ines Irawati perform in her inimitable and glorious performance style at the piano. To learn more about Ines, please go to her website: https://www.inesirawati.com.

    To register for this event, please go to https://www.amateurpianists.org/event-info/masterclass-with-ines-irawati/form

  • Moved to September 5 - First Timers' (Virtual) Recital

    Update: We have decided to combine the August and September (virtual) events and hold it on September 5, 3 pm, via Zoom. All pianists are welcome to submit a recording of their playing, YouTube video preferred but audio recordings will also be accepted.

    For performers:
    Do not use the standard registration link; instead please email [masked] with the name of your piece, composer, and duration. This will bypass the performance fee which is waived for virtual events.

    For all attendees (including performers):
    Please register via this link - https://www.amateurpianists.org/event-info/fall-piano-recital/form. You will receive a Zoom invitation 2 days before the event and also on September 5.

    With all of us mostly staying close to home these days, AmateurPianists would like to continue to provide piano performance opportunities, the heart of what AmateurPianists is all about.

    So, this recital will be held, as a virtual event, for pianists who have NEVER performed publicly, i.e. first-timers. This is your chance - to prepare a favorite piece, record it (audio or video) and submit it!

    Reminder that this virtual recital is for all levels of pianists, spanning the whole range of beginners to advanced pianists.

    To register as a performer, please email [masked] with your name, name of piece, composer, approximate length and a link to where the recording is saved.

    The usual performance donation of $20 is waived and we thank you for participating. We need more music during this time of social distancing!

    To register as an audience member, please click on this link - https://www.amateurpianists.org/event-info/first-timers-recital/form.

    You will receive a Zoom invitation prior to the event. Reminders to performers to also register as an audience member.

    For questions, please email [masked] or call[masked].

    Lulu Hsu
    Chair, AmateurPianists

    Board Members: Dr. Yang Shen, Glenn Kramer, Connie Almond, Dr. Songqing Wen