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Renaissance Martial Arts training: Longsword skills, unarmed, etc.
NOTE: This recurring time (Sun 11:30AM) is flexible, we can talk privately to set up times that work for us, but weekends are obviously best We'll be primarily focusing on fundamental actions and possibilities with the European Longsword (two-handed sword). You'll also learn how learning to use this weapon correctly actually teaches you the fundamentals of all the OTHER weapons, and even unarmed fighting. Be prepared to work up a sweat! There is a minimum level of athleticism involved, but we'll go at a fairly easy pace, and be sure to bring some hydration and sun protection since we may be in direct sunlight at least part of the time.

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ARMA Orange County is an official Study Group of the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts (, practicing in Tustin, CA. We hope to create great martial artists through the historically accurate study and practice of the Martial Arts of Medieval and Renaissance Europe, which includes robust skills for Longsword, Sidesword, Messer/Falchion, Sword and Buckler, Staff/Spear, Rapier, Dagger, and Ringen/Abrazzare (unarmed fighting). This is a cohesive, holistic set of fighting principles from pan-European fighting Masters, and we study their source literature so that we can rediscover these intense, and effective martial skills. The group is open to anyone with an interest in the subject matter, AND understands we are doing serious martial arts training, and not any sort of fantasy/roleplay/Renn Faire/Re-enactment training. Hope to see you! It is, of course, insanely fun!

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