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Full Moon Satsang & Meditation (Kirtan)
What Are Satsangs? Satsangs, also known as Kirtans, are gatherings where scattered minds unite through music, meditation, and wisdom to experience a higher state of consciousness. Art of Living Satsangs reverberate across 151 countries. People from all over the world who know different languages participate in the singing of bhajans, or the repetitive chanting of a word or a verse. In Satsang, both the left and right hemispheres of the brain get balanced. The wandering mind comes back to the present moment and experiences a deeper dimension to life...” explains Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a humanitarian leader, spiritual teacher, ambassador of peace and founder of the Art Of Living. His vision of a stress-free, violence-free society has united millions of people around the world through service projects and courses. One can choose to simply listen to the bhajans or participate and sing. Either way, Satsangs help in centering the mind. The chants in Satsang take us beyond music to a silent corner of our inner self. “The word bhajan is veryprecious. Bhaj means to share. Sharing all that the Divine is. It is not necessary to know the words or meaning to any song. Singing helps to bring serenity. Singing is simply merging into the sounds, floating on its waves with a sense of contentment and meditation...” shares Sri Sri. Satsangs by themselves are special. Satsangs during the full moon are more special because of the energy of the moon. Satsang helps free you from worries Sound is energy. Our human nervous system responds to the sounds and vibrations of ancient Sanskrit chants. Listening to these sounds has a rejuvenating effect on the body, mind and spirit. In between each bhajan is the silence. Still and calm, the mind relaxes. “Doing more Satsang and seva (service) is the way to reduce misery. We are so fortunate. We have this opportunity to even think, discuss knowledge and have an experience of that inner space,” explains Sri Sri. “If you have any worries, you have to leave it here; that’s the rule of Satsang, you cannot take your worries back. You can go only after you drop them here.” Satsangs hasten you towards inner peace The entire universe is made of rhythms. When sounds are in harmony, there is music; non harmonious sounds create chaos. Similarly, when there is rhythm or harmony in life, the heart blossoms; there is humanism. It is this rhythm that takes us back to our source. We may identify ourselves as officers, housewives, teachers, but these are just external identifications. Satsangs help us move beyond such identifications towards our source – from where we came. Satsangs are not limited to any culture or geographical region. Whether it is the harmonious sound of gongs in Buddhist meditations or Jewish hymns since ancient times, people from all cultures and traditions have used music to further people on their spiritual journey. "The moon has a strong influence on the huge oceans, whose tides rise and fall according to the lunar cycles. In the same way the moon has a sway on the human body, which is made up of 60 per cent of fluids. The moon has also a power on the mind. Mind is connected with the moon and full moon is a symbol of completion and pinnacle of celebration. Full moon meditation is best done after moon rise, directly or indirectly one should feel the moonlight falling on themselves, on your face, let your mind absorbs the light of the full moon." - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Meditations are highly beneficial to do in a group on full moon nights. The mind and the moon are connected, and on full moon days the mind is very light. These meditations require no prior experience. You don't have to be a great singer! Singing...Chanting... Full Moon Meditation...followed by Vegetarian Potluck Dinner! Feel free to bring your musical instruments and a vegetarian dish to share. Join us at the new center for this special Satsang. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated! No cost to attend. Guests and friends welcome. Please RSVP.

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Come home to the Delaware "Art of Living" Meditation & Spiritual Upliftment Group!

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering individuals to live life to its fullest potential.

This group is open to ALL people of all faiths and backgrounds interested in exploring the various options in the Delaware area to find a peaceful, happy, and healthy life.

The vast majority of our workshops and courses are organized by volunteers who are interested in sharing the approach and the benefits this non-profit has to offer in the realm of stress-reduction, life-skills, human values, productivity and spirituality. Our workshops and courses utilize yogic and meditative techniques that have been adapted for the time and space constraints of the modern world.

We offer workshops for all age demographics and we try to ensure that we have enough FREE workshops for those who have limited resources. Hundreds in the Delaware region have attended our events.

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The Art of Living Foundation ( ( ( is a non-denominational, educational and humanitarian non-profit that aims to uplift society through courses that focus on strengthening the individual by improving personal well-being and cultivating human values. The Delaware Art of Living Chapter has been organizing workshops and courses in the region for over 20 years serving elementary/middle schools (, high schools (, university students (, young professionals ( and prisoners ( within the region. Course revenue is utilized to support national and international service projects in the areas of Disaster Relief (, Education (, Rural Development ( and Peace Initiatives ( A three minute introduction to the Art of Living Foundation by Vice President Joe Biden: Introduction to the Art of Living Foundation. (

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