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Calling all artists, entrepreneurs, creative minds, and small business owners seeking to take their ideas to the next level! We are building a supportive community of thought leaders in the Arts. This group incubates solutions to the challenges artists are facing in their industry monthly in a round-table setting. We're developing sustainable creative practices that benefits both artists and businesses. Where-ever you are on your career path, come out and meet with fellow arts entrepreneurs; building #AnotherWay where #ArtsMeetsBiz.

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#ArtsMeetsBiz Structured Networking

As part of our goal to break down the wall between two worlds (#ArtsMeetsBiz), it's important to bring new faces together! So, in the spirit of building a connected community, we're hosting this structured networking event. Join us for a chance to meet fellow artists, entrepreneurs, and creative business people. Why does structure matter? Well, often times you go to a networking event and have those awkward moments. You get caught in conversation with two or three people. And when you do, you're not sure what to say that will result in a clear opportunity for both parties (not to mention the lack of a deeper, authentic, human connection). At the end of your networking experience, it's a question of ROI and the classic case of way-too-many missed connections. Good News: There's #AnotherWay. Instead, we want you to have a chance to mingle with as many people as possible. And in doing so, we offer you a way to connect on the things that matter most: your passions, your purpose, and stating your needs to achieve "The Big Idea." This is where a bit of structure can help to create a more positive networking experience. And remember this: the first step towards success is showing up! So give yourself some pre-V-day love and show up! After that, it's a matter of following up. Now RSVP, mark your calendars, and get your business cards ready! Hosted by #AnotherWay blogger Emileena Pedigo and creative business leader Mathew Heggem.

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