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The ASEAN Digital Health and Medical Technology Group is a meetup group focused on innovations in the delivery of healthcare and related technology within the ASEAN region (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam), creating a community around digital healthcare and medical technology enthusiasts. This community aims to share, discuss, showcase and develop ideas to improve patient care. share knowledge, network with entrepreneurs, pitch ideas to investors and have fun! Technology is going to radically change how healthcare is delivered, with the internet and mobile technologies creating a brand new future for Healthcare industry.

We aspire to achieve 10,000 ASEAN Healthcare Enthusiasts!

Who should join?

Within the ASEAN Region, for folks such as health professionals, innovators, investors, entrepreneurs, engineers, software developers, big data / analytics scientists, students, social workers, or just anyone with that passion for improving healthcare!

Who else can join?

You’re still more than welcomed to join us if you’re passionate about the ASEAN region and its development of digital health and medical technologies! If you are a business serving the healthcare sector, we are looking for mentors, sponsors and co-organizers. We are also calling out to students and researchers looking for co-founders, partners or just need help with ideas.

What will we talk about?

Hmm….we can talk about….

Research, Design & Development, especially new innovations, intellectual property legal challenges, routes to secure the funding, manufacturing and go-to-market issues linked to the ASEAN region, as well as evolving regulations around in the ASEAN region (especially with the ASEAN Medical Device Directive and the ASEAN Economic Community)

What can we achieve together?

We hope to have or events and discussions help everyone take a fresh look at your own projects. Networking is always good, but networking should lead to tangible outcomes too. We hope the Meetup group can facilitate collaboration between healthcare stakeholders, promote the adoption of promising technologies that make healthcare more effective, affordable and accessible in the ASEAN Region.

Come with an idea - maybe you get help to realize it!

Come with a problem – maybe you’ll find a solution!

What goes on ahead?

In future, we hope you can join us in the following events:

Knowledge-based events – most of these would be remote as ASEAN is a region • Foster discussion in the discussion board, or via messaging

With some luck, we can:

Arrange a physical meetup event, with visits to medical facilities, technology institutes, and or medical hubs.

Arrange relevant training, mentorship & awareness programs

Most importantly ...

Send us your feedback and tell us what you need, so that we can make it better and better!

Have a great time and have fun!

Onward to 10,000!

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