What we're about

Source code of the app: https://github.com/hudo/b-kind

The idea is to learn ASP.NET Core MVC by building end-to-end application with database, use source control to manage group work, and deploy it the production. It's a series of workshops, every week / two weeks, 1.5h each, until we build the app. First part of each meetup is ppt presentation about specific ASP.NET feature, second part hands-on tasks and assignments on the real app.

Topics that will be covered in next few months:
- intro to tools and frameworks, app ideas, discussion and selection
- intro to Git source control
- hello world app and MVC fundamentals
- controllers, view models
- routing
- working with data and database
- working with views, ajax, css
- unit testing
- deployments, basic server configuration (with cloud)
- advanced ORM (Entity Framework, schema migrations, micro ORMs), about NoSQL
- some useful patterns like IOC/DI, DDD, Onion architecture, etc

Note; level and difficulty of all this will be adjusted based on everyone's prior knowledge and experience! Maybe we'll spend more time on MVC basics, and maybe on advanced design patterns.

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