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The AST Space is created by International Department affiliated to ZAST. It is an OpenLab for exploring learning.

Most of its concept is brought in from abroad and put on from time to time for tests of public preferences.

ASTSpace as a physical lab deploys the concept of a fitness center with lab equipment and instruments, workshop tools and machinery. Volunteers with various professional backgrounds from academic institutions are assigned as qualified coaches to provide scientific and technological instructions required by the hosted events. The facility is there as if to ask anyone pass-by: What can you do with them?

ASTSpace welcomes the participation of people from all walks of life. Formal membership is only granted through a process of application. But there are always programs available for non-member participation to try us out. Specific work projects may only be initiated by formal members as part of a team. The facility is free to its members and necessary support are provided with the best team-judgment.

Once you become a member you are allowed to take over a corner of Space and host activities and initiate projects on your own. The organizers of the Space will always be there to provide help in anyway possible for your project.

ASTSpace wishes to run an annual weekend "Tinkering Forum (造物大会)to be managed jointly only by the AST-Hosts and its volunteer members.

AST is an abbreviation for Association for Science and Technology, a nationwide non-profit member-based organization for people with professional background in the fields of natural sciences. For the goals of the Space as explained above, the hosts deliberately borrowed AST to mirror: Advance/Art, Science, and Technology. Therefore, "AST" here means: advanced cross-discipline visions for promoting science and technology and learning. "Z" stands for the name of Zhejiang Province.

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浙江省科技馆科学院(AST SPACE)

本周末,浙江省科技馆科学院(AST SPACE)又有一系列的精彩活动,等着大家来参加。 如果你喜欢生物科技,可以周六上午来,观摩基因技术培训班的活动。




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