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*Please arrive early so we can video tape everyone for the post-run analysis.

**This workshop will last approximately 40 minutes, so be sure to schedule your day accordingly.

For newer runners and even the seasoned veterans, proper form can be a confusing issue. Come hear details on how slight adjustments to your running form can make you more efficient and reduce the risk of injury.

There will always be debate on what is proper running form. Come out and learn about "Good Form Running". The idea of this clinic is not to reinvent the wheel so to speak, but to give you a few tips on how you can slightly adjust your running form to become more efficient and more importantly avoid common running injuries.

Our goal is to provide you with information that will keep you running long term. If you can stay healthy and avoid injury, running becomes more enjoyable.

As you learn these techniques, your coach will be working with you on them for the next few weeks.

This is a very important clinic to attend. Even if you have heard this clinic before, it a good idea to have a refresher course.