Psychotechnology – The Relationship Between Humans, Psychology & Technology


**The meetup will be held in Hebrew

1st Lecture: 10 Cognitive biases each business owner needs to know

What cognitive biases exist across the network? How do I identify them? How does this all relate to a user experience?
Cognitive bias is a systematic pattern or tendency of humans for errors in perception, memory, thinking, or judgment. With the development of technology and our ability to consume information and purchase products and services over the Internet, the question arises as to how these biases can be identified and what we have to do with them.
During the lecture, Anna will share 10 significant cognitive biases to help you improve your products and understand how these biases affect us as users and business owners.

**About Anna Bloom**
Anna is a UX lead, responsible for the design of AT&T digital customer facing assets. Anna has over 10 years’ of professional and managerial experience in the field. Prior to AT&T, Anna worked in several digital agencies, managing a team of 10 UXers, and creating UX concepts and designs for dozens of innovative and strategic solutions.

2nd Lecture: Shaping off-screen interaction: How do we connect the physical world to the digital world? - Michal Rinott
80% of smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up! We devote ourselves to the screens, but our body is somewhat neglected in the encounter with technology. For an interaction with the smartphone and the laptop, two fingers, one eye and a small ear are enough.
Are the capabilities of our hands, bodies and senses lost? What alternatives exist to our encounter with technology?
During the lecture, we will explore exciting experimental projects developed in research laboratories around the world, as well as those developed at the Shenkar Design and Technology Center in Israel. We will learn about the conceptual and aesthetic motivations behind the projects, and together we will think about the future of human-media communication and information technology.

**About Michal Rinott**
Michal Rinott is a designer and interaction researcher, and a pioneer in the field of user experience in Israel. She is a senior faculty member of the Faculty of Design at Shenkar College, and she is the foundering director of the Kadar Design and Technology Center, a unique multidisciplinary research and learning center in interaction design — the meeting of people and technology.
Her works featuring innovative interactions have been exhibited at international conferences and exhibitions, including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and the CHI - Computer Human Interaction conference.
Michal also serves as a consultant on design interaction for various companies in the Israeli industry.