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Atl Italian Longsword Classes
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Deer Lick Park Family Fun Center

2171 Mack Road (Next to Deer Lick Park) · Douglasville, GA

What we're about

The Schola Saint George is an international group with a structured approach to medieval martial arts as recorded in the Italian and German fighting treatises. We base the core of our work on the fourteenth century master Fiore dei Liberi, although we also do work from the German, English, Spanish and French manuscripts.

We are currently sponsored by the Douglas County Parks & Rec. Classes are offered at the Deer Lick Park Family Fun Center located at 2171 Mack Road, north of Fairburn Road in Douglasville Georgia. The Family Fun Center is located beside the mini-golf/batting cage/skate park area.

Even though we emphasize historical technique, our training sessions are a blend of warm-up, interpretation, drill, and both focused and open sparring. We do tournaments in the medieval format complete with armour, or in light gambesons for those who don't want to or haven't yet assembled a harness. We help you with all of that, however, and we have a very good time doing it.

Our approach to the fight is what we term "chivalric" martial arts: the principles taught need to adhere to practical "combat logic," but the framework is one of friendship, camaraderie, but the technical material is subject to rigorous testing through sparring. The philosophy that accompanies the art is commensurately Western, however, as we emphasize not only the character of our combatants but also the Western individualism inherent in European descended culture. We have fun, and we work hard at it :-)

Bryan Johnson is the Atlanta group leader and a Schola Saint George Istruttore. Bryan is a retired military officer of 27 years and an Artilleryman by trade. He has had a fascination with medieval warfare and personal combat since living in Europe as a child. He has trained in a number of martial arts. He has been involved in medieval armoured combat and reenactment since the mid 80s. He has focused on L'Arte D'Armizare since 2004. He is the founder of the Atlanta Branch of the SSG in 2008. He has a special fondness for the pollaxe.

Darren Foley is an instructor within the group working with both beginner and intermediate students. He joined the Atlanta SSG group in 2011. Darren has produced material focusing on Fiore's sword in one hand, Vadi as well as I.33 sword and buckler for SSG.

We have regular classes on Saturday for the longsword and other Fiore disciplines. Classes are held in the Family Fun Center at Deer Lick Park. Beginners classes start at 9 AM. Intermediate classes start at 10:30 AM and continue until 12:30 PM.

Our students are a mix of experienced martial artists who enjoy the cross-training and brand new folks. Our beginner class works equally well for each.

Have experience with another sword group? We don't care much about affiliations or politics--we're just about the material and the camaraderie. Any and all like-minded students of the sword, of fencing, or of martial arts are more than welcome to join us.

First class is free; floor fees are $45 for a 12 week block of instruction for Douglas County residents and $70 for out of county residents. There is also a $35 yearly membership fee for Schola Saint George.

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