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Meditation on Twin Hearts & Free Pranic Healing Clinic - Decatur
Meditation on Twin Hearts is a form of service to the world by increasing harmony and peace by becoming a channel to bless the earth with loving-kindness. Meditation on Twin Hearts helps with physical health, emotional health, mental health and inner illumination. Some benefits you may receive from this meditation include: · Reducing stress · Increasing happiness · Gaining clarity of mind · Improving ability to forgive · Increasing good fortune The meditation opens up the heart (the emotional heart) and crown (the spiritual heart) energy centers enabling to draw down a great amount of divine energy. It induces a state of inner peace. In summary, the Meditation on Twin Hearts is an act of service and loving-kindness to promote peace in the world. It has amazing benefits of accelerated soul growth for the practitioner. It is a powerful and safe technique to achieve illumination. Free Pranic Healing Clinic starts around 12:30pm and ends at 2pm. Afterwards there is a Free Pranic Healing Clinic. It is a great way to experience Pranic Healing and for Pranic Healers in the community to practice their skills and do service. If you’d like to re-energize, feel more at peace, alleviate some physical or emotional pains, or just curious… swing by and meet this great community. For Pranic Healers out there, come on by and we’d love your presence and your gifts of healing and service. We have a beautiful support group of healers to really help hone your skills. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We accept love offerings as this helps us support other service programs and various projects in the community. For more information or questions please contact (470) 333-APHC (2742) or [masked]. See you soon!

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Let’s come together to meditate and receive some great healing! We are a group to promote wellness and bring together a community based in love and support. We invite you to join us for Meditation on Twin Hearts, free Pranic Healing Clinics and Classes offered throughout the Metro Atlanta Area. Welcome!

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