What we're about

Atlanta is a city throbbing with diversity in food, business, faiths, dances, cultures, music... everything! And that means that there is a diverse powerhouse behind it all, but it wasn't easy for any of us. This is a group for immigrant women to get together as a professional network and support group for each other as we discuss the barriers we have had to break or are still figuring out how to tear down as we not only try to adjust in this new country but stand out in it! Let's learn from each other as we discuss various topics such as hurdles in our careers; branding ourselves; balancing family, work and culture; breaking stereotypes; living healthy lifes both physically and emotionally; and much more! We will record our discussions and have them available for members to listen to afterwards. We believe that if strong women leaders from various backgrounds came together, we would not only learn so much from each other but would be able to share with those outside our group a global view of what it took for us to get where we are and what all we can bring to the table.

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