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ElectronJs, the Alternate E in MEAN Stack! :-)

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Note: This meetup and the Inaugural Austin ElectronJs Meetup ( are one and the same.

"Alternate E", you ask? Yes, this is what I tried to convey last year about the MEAN Stack dev group. In this cool industry of ours, we don't just go with the flow, but we do carefully choose what other aspects to focus on sometimes. Enter ElectronJs! What's more, this alternate E is coincidentally still in line with the MEAN Stack acronym. :-D

Not sure what ElectronJs is? Think web development in NodeJs, but for desktop apps. We'll get into the details here. So, please come join us! There are many production-grade, ElectronJs apps out there. Best example is Atom, the text editor by GitHub that is now a competitor to Sublime Text. You can also find more at the official site here,

During this meetup, we'll have an intro-to, discuss basic differences between the main and renderer processes, go over the electron-prebuilt package, and some real-world examples of ElectronJs in action!

Guest Speaker

Our guest speaker is Amir Yasin (, architect/developer, here in Austin, TX. Amir is the creator of the NodeJs-based, functional reactive HTTP, web app framework, FRHTTP ( Recently, Amir has been working with ElectronJs and just pushed an ElectronJs/ReactJs project ( to Github, to quickly and easily spin up your own ElectronJs project using a ReactJs front end. He'll be discussing this during our meetup. You can follow Amir on twitter and with his handle, @ayasin.


• >>>> What is Electron <<<<

• Who's using Electron

• Native API access

• Apps feel real

• Able to be added to windows and mac app stores

• >>>> Parts of an Electron app <<<<

• Main process

• Render processes

• Communicating between parts

• >>>> Getting started with Electron <<<<

• Installing

• Electron prebuilt

• Packaging

• Bootstrap projects

• >>>> Writing our first Electron app <<<<

• Write a color picker with 2 windows and a main process

• >>>> Building our app as an executable <<<<

• Mac, Linux and Windows from the same source base

• (if we have time) Creating an installer

• Q&A portion


Venue is WeWork University Park (

3300 N Interstate Hwy 35, Austin, TX 78722

Food/Drinks Neal Wood from LRS ( came thru once again as our food and drinks sponsor! Thx, Neal!

Please keep an eye out. I also have the usual door prizes in place. More on that soon as well.

ElectronJs SWAG? I have that too! :-)


Incidentally, I am running this meetup in conjunction with our new Austin ElectronJs Meetup (