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2008 Great Joel Escape

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For those of you who don't know Joel, shame on you! But for those of you who do, well it is time we show him just what he is going to miss when he decides to leave Austin. Yes Joel is going back to the Bay Area and I know I will miss him. With that being typed let's give Joel a really warm Austin Beer MeetUp Plus send off.

If anyone has a good Joel story, please email it! If anyone wants to share a Joel story at the party, bring it! If anyone wants to smack Joel for even thinking about leaving us, then get in line!

Just as it was in the beginning; the Gingerman has been chosen (sorry Joel but my delicate sensibilities just could not fathom a strip club) as our locale. We (the group) decided that we shall end it where it all began. We will be out on the patio this night. Never fear Joel, with enough alcohol you could be your own stripper!