Qigong Cultivation for Anti-aging & Longevity

Every week on Wednesday

AWAKE n Networks

1055 West Moana Lane, Suite 202 · Reno, NV

How to find us

Near the intersection of Moana and Lakeside. Adjacent to the Nevada State Bank. Studio is on the 2nd floor.

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What is Qigong? Qi (aka chi or ki) is often translated as "energy" or "breath" and Gong (aka gung or do) as "skillful work." Qigong can be said to be work that we do to become skillful in cultivating life force energy. This energy is not imaginary, but rather the fundamental bio-magnetic energy that flows through all of nature including each cell of our bodies.

This energy can be come blocked, inefficient, out of balance, excessive or deficient. Through mindful movement, breath and visualizations we can begin to restore this energy to a more fluid, or if you will, "youthful" state and begin to cultivate this life force energy.

The top medical schools in the country have been doing extensive research into the benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi. Harvard in particular, puts out articles nearly every month about the health benefits of Tai Chi:

This is an ongoing class with the exercises cycling through and harmonizing with the 5 seasons of the Taoist energy calendar, so newcomers and beginners may join at anytime.

Please wear comfortable clothing that allows complete freedom of movement. The studio is carpeted. Working barefoot is best but if you must wear shoes then they must be for indoor wear only, clean and flexible. We use cushions for meditation and sometimes we use yoga blocks. Some are available but you may bring your own.

Classes are $18 drop in. Please RSVP.
6 week class sessions $100
(cash, check, or cards accepted)

This is an ongoing class with some attendees who are not be members of meetup.

Note: We sometimes work with essential oils so if you are sensitive to scents please let me know ahead of time.