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This is a sacred space, a support group for all aspects of the spiritual awakening process. All things universe, consciousness and metaphysics related are welcome here with no judgment. This is place of complete acceptance only.

This group is sacred, what happens inside stays inside the group. There is no right or wrong of traversing the awakening process, every path is different and special to the soul experiencing it.
We will not be instructing here, intent is to help initiate self reflection and growth by sharing perceptions in a safe closed atmosphere. We all have spirit inside ourselves as a guide, our higher self is always present, this space is a place to communicate from that higher state and let spirit speak.

We all live in a human world, and can feel out of place and torn while living a spiritual existence. Here we will tell our stories, here vulnerability and communication through shared feelings and experiences are welcomed, here we are all equals, all spiritual beings having a human experience.

A spiritual awakening can be a devastating breakdown of self as part of a beautifully magnificent journey of opportunity and self growth . The initial impact from such a major shift in ones perception of their own existence can be powerful and scary as well as enlightening. We may experience dark times, emotional traumas and losses, these things are a catalysts to a realization of self and the universe we are part of.

In this transition of evolving to a higher state of consciousness many things will surface to be confronted, and it can present many difficult moments to overcome while discovering and looking into our own shadows. Sometimes souls are gifted an opportunity to awaken and connect with themselves. This does not mean the journey is easy, depression, alienation and confusion from the dissolving of an identity created by our own ego and many other things can be a big part of finding our authentic selves.

Trying to incorporate our new self into a material based society can create the feeling of disparity. It’s not their fault but many simply can’t understand the perspective of an awakening soul, and sometimes can be quick to judge and dismiss because of that.

We are beings of energy in frequencies. As above so below, we are one with the universe. Our mind is human, our consciousness is so much more. We are the Sun, Moon and Stars, we are one love and light, we are capable of anything and everything.

A few topics of perspective sharing will be:

... Our perception of a spiritual awakening and what experiences we’ve had with it.

... Quantum physics and how we feel if it.

... Synchronicities, angels, orbs, Aura’s and spirit animals.

... Divine masculine and feminine

... Dark night of the soul and our perspective of it.

... Our inner child and how we consciously connect with him/her. What things do we enjoy and do for ourselves.

We look forward to creating a soul family with each and everyone of you. Much love to you, you are appreciated. One love always,
From Misty and Roo.

We are in the final process of an online sacred space “Awaken Connect” supportive, social, media and resource sharing website and app for Android and IOS. It’s structure is similar to Facebook but it is privately owned and operated by Misty and I. There is no advertising or sharing of information. And no connection to any other social platform. People who wish to join will go through an approval process in order to provide a safe haven for all.

We are not charging for this group. But any donations would be greatly appreciated and used as energy to afford the time to focus on growth and quality of Awaken Connects local and online sacred spaces.

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