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AWAKENINGS for Empaths, Lightworkers & Starseeds - Glendale
In this unique , safe and nurturing environment, guided by Spirit, we discuss what it truly means to be an intuitive, empath, Lightworker or Starseed and how these sensitivities you are born with are an empowerment not a weakness. Learn how to enhance your gifts by developing your daily practice, learn meditation techniques and a variety of other ways to emotionally, physically & spiritually support the unique quality that is not only assisting you but also others and the planet in this rapidly awakening world into a higher state of consciousness. The evening covers group discussion relating to the energy of Now and your Be-ing present in an ascending world, learning to see and hear from different perspectives and meditation. If this resonates with you on a deep soul level, I encourage you to visit us and sit with like-hearted souls as we support and grow together in unity consciousness. $25 cash per person - please RSVP if you plan to attend the evening meet-up group.

The Crystal Matrix

3215 Glendale Boulevard · Atwater Village, CA