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Light Language Ceremony of the Lemurian Tribal Heart
It is time to come together as one - unique, powerful, authentic and multidimensional beings fully present in the now. Everyone of you is as important and unique in this tribal experience, so why not doing it together? Bring your crystals, drum or other instrument, let's set up together and tone in together to experience a different reality where everything is divine, magical, we are all whole and powerful. A space where you can express yourself freely and you start remembering who you truly are. Please bring dish to share for potluck afterwards. Thank you! BELOW IS THE OLD DESCRIPTION This is a magical and unique Ceremony, where the forces of the Earth and the forces of the Cosmos merge together into the Divine Oneness Ritual. This Cosmic Light Language Ceremony is based on the Lemurian Energies of Divine Oneness, Self-Love and Compassion. The Cosmic Language of Light, a Multidimensional Source Sound, works on DNA activations, shifts us from the left brain into the right brain, and activates the parts of our brain which we are not using yet. Through toning together and speaking the Cosmic Language of Light, we can play in the quantum field, where the magic happens not only for ourselves, but also for Humanity, the Earth and the Cosmos. We are but ONE!! The main focus is on how can you show up in Ceremony? How do you show up in your life? We are creating a safe container so you can express yourself fully with joy and laughter. Based on the Hawkin's Scale of Consciousness - Joy is even a higher vibratory energy than love. Who would have thought. My intention is to expand Consciousness with you through celebration, laughter and joy by flowing together in the Divine Cosmic Feminine. You do not need to speak the Cosmic Language of Light to be part of this Ceremony. Don’t be surprised though if you start speaking it during or after. Please bring your drum, rattle, crystal bowls or any other favorite instrument and share your fullest divine expression with us. POTLUCK afterwards!! Gathering after ceremony and sharing food is as important as Ceremony itself!! Bring a dish to share. We can only do it together 🙏🏼 Love donation: $ 20 We are looking forward to sharing sacred space with you. Let's create magic together!

Saharra's Sanctuary

14 Church Street · Milford

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What we're about

Awakya is a meet up where you can find information about events which will support your transformational process of AWAKENING - and even better - you will find an amazing community!!!

When we expand our hearts and find our Divinity, everything shifts for the better. We become fully self-expressed, joyous and life becomes ART. Doing it alone - is the old paradigm.

Saharra White-Wolf, who is the Organizer of this meet up, is a Lemurian Shaman and Light Language Speaker, a Reiki Master & Karuna Master and Teacher, a Plant Medicine Carrier, an Author (The Inner Knowing Trilogy), an Akashic Record Consultant and a Facilitator for Cosmic Light Language Ceremonies and other sacred Lemurian retreats.

The intention of all her work is to bring back the Lemurian energies of Divine Love, Unity Consciousness and Compassion.

Join us on the Path of Transformation, Healing of Ourselves and Mother Earth.

Looking forward to meeting you!

With Love and Light!

Saharra / SumuRa

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