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Awakya is a meet up where you can find information about events which will support your transformational process of AWAKENING - and even better - you will find an amazing community!!!

When we expand our hearts and find our Divinity, everything shifts for the better. We become fully self-expressed, joyous and life becomes ART. Doing it alone - is the old paradigm.

Saharra White-Wolf, who is the Organizer of this meet up, is a Lemurian Shaman and Light Language Speaker, a Reiki Master & Karuna Master and Teacher, a Plant Medicine Carrier, an Author (The Inner Knowing Trilogy), an Akashic Record Consultant and a Facilitator for Cosmic Light Language Ceremonies and other sacred Lemurian retreats.

The intention of all her work is to bring back the Lemurian energies of Divine Love, Unity Consciousness and Compassion.

Join us on the Path of Transformation, Healing of Ourselves and Mother Earth.

Looking forward to meeting you!

With Love and Light!

Saharra / SumuRa


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Light Language Ceremony - the Cosmic Activation

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Few more ceremonies before I am leaving New Jersey. If you are interested in a new and powerful experience - this would be one of them. Why, because through sharing our energies in sacred ceremony space and raise our frequencies we enter the quantum field where the magic happens plus feeling unconditional love from the Cosmos. You do not have to speak it to be part of it and if it is meant to, you might start speaking during or after Ceremony. Light Language is a multidimensional cosmic frequency sound that shifts our DNA and Consciousness. This ceremony focuses on heart expansion and pineal gland activation. Ascension gets facilitated through sound, vibration and light. You’ll come to the right place 😊 Please bring a dish to share for potluck afterwards. Love donation $ 20 Looking forward to being in sacred space with you 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼 With love and light Saharra

Solstice Light Language Ceremony/Angel Valley, Sedona, AZ

13513 Angel Valley Rd


If you are called to go on a spiritual adventure, come and join me and my children. Angel Valley, 15 min away from Sedona, has much to offer besides different labyrinths, energy vortexes and other high vibrational sites: it is called "Nulemuria" and holds 5th dimensional frequencies; a place to find yourself, a place to connect strongly with the Lemurian Guardians, golden Giant Light Beings, Angels, Hybrid children and so many more. You can be sure that whatever you are working on will be intensified during your stay for you to deal with. I highly recommend staying for at least 3 days to get the benefits of this place. They have cabins to rent, a community kitchen, a stream for the kids besides having Sedona for food shopping, other adventures etc. close by. check out www.angelvalleysedona.com We will hold Ceremony at the above labyrinth - you will walk it before we start. It is a wonderful sacred space for Ceremony. We will connect with the Lemurian energies to remember our Divinity, our sacred cosmic Hearts, our Unity-Consciousness through the sacred Light Language Ceremony. The Cosmic Language of Light is not linear in structure rather is a multidimensional cosmic source sound, that activates our DNA, which helps with the remembering process of who we truly are and supports our deconditioning and multidimensional awakening. Bring rattle or drum and join our Celebration.

Peruvian Fire Full Moon & Light Language Ceremony

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Come and join us for this magical event where we start with an ancient Peruvian chant which will shift later on to the cosmic frequencies of the Language of Light. This ceremony works on DNA activation, balancing the left and the right brain and unifying all energies to access the quantum field, where the magic happens. Please bring a dish to share for potluck afterwards. Bring your drums!!!! Love offering: $ 20 at the door

The Day out of Time “Galactic New Year” Celebration

https://www.fullyintune.com/day-time-harmony-day/ This is a magical day to hold Ceremony. Come and join us for a cosmic gathering and pot luck 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

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