What we're about

Once a month: an activity for an hour or so after which there’s time to reflect, laugh, go home – whatever you want. The activity is organised by a woman of the group. We are all good at something that someone else may like to learn. The idea is to share, learn and support each other. No cost, no weekly commitment, just a once off - try it out - with each other.

Every month a night for ourselves – just as we want it – whilst making some new friends on the way.

Women from Athy and surroundings are invited to join this initiative and bring other women too, there is no limit on numbers. Let’s AWE ourselves 😊. Attendance is by registration only - clicking 'I will go' on the meetup is a commitment that will determine the space hired for the night.

The first meet up is set for Monday 15 October in the evening, but if this doesn't work for you, please contact me anyway to show your interest and with alternative day/time so I know what could work. I aim to be the organiser and force behind this initiative for 6 months until it is a self-sustaining community. If by then it hasn't grown or isn't active enough, it'll be close shop. So please, only become a member if you are seriously considering coming along sometime.

Upcoming events (1)

Transforming your space into a home

81 Leinster St

Interior Designer Jacinta Edge will share her expertise in how to pick colours, fabrics and wallpapers to make your space a home.

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Get a clear focus for 2019

26 Coney Dr

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