• Amazon SageMaker Roundtable

    AWS Offices.

    Amazon SageMaker is a unique service that allows companies to use similar tools that are used in one of the most machine learning focused and innovative companies in the world - Amazon. It is a deep and wide service that includes 1st party algorithms, such as DeepAR forecasting, Factorization machines for recommendations engines, Random Cut Forest for anomaly detection or Sequence to Sequence for machine translation. It also includes automated distributed training on a massive amount of data, using clusters of powerful GPU, and HPO (tuning) capabilities. It is open for "bring-your-own-algorithm" and supports out of the box popular deep learning libraries such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, MXNet, Chainer and Spark. It also includes model serving capabilities including A/B testing for new models. To better understand how to take advantage of this crown jewel of the AWS portfolio of services, we invited the director of engineering of the service from Amazon HQ, and together with him we will share the experience of companies such as Amazon, Intuit, and Formula 1 using SageMaker to reinvent their companies (from SDE to MLE) and their business offering (AI).

  • The ML/AI toolbox UNPACKED - AWS

    Amazon Web Services Offices - Azrieli Sarona Tower

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the most exciting infrastructural technologies out there today, with the potential to revolutionize business in retail, healthcare, education, manufacturing, transportation and much more. Join this exclusive AllCloud and AWS event to explore the path to utilizing AI/ML from a business and technical perspective. We will discuss: Innovating through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning How to introduce AI/ML to your organization The necessary cloud infrastructure and additional tools Data lake infrastructure, Data Science, Machine learning and DevOps/Automation How to integrate AI/ML into your service Agenda: 09:30-10:00 Coffee and Networking 10:00-10:45 "Innovation with AI on AWS" By Boaz Ziniman , Technical Evangelist, AWS 10:45-11:30 "Introduction to AI & ML" By Guy Ernest, VP Data, AllCloud 11:30-11:45 Break 11:45-12:30 "Understanding implementation: Real-life examples" By Guy Ernest, VP Data, AllCloud

  • Best of AWS re:Invent 2017 - Announcements & Highlights

    This year marked AWS' 6th annual re: Invent in Las Vegas. There were a ton of product announcements, updates, new innovations and inspiring customer stories presented. AllCloud was there first hand to bring you tips for using all the most exciting new features. This webinar will cover AWS updates on Serverless, Containers, Big Data, AI, Managed Services, Security, Storage, Compute, and of course, costs. REGISTER FOR WEBINAR HERE (https://allcloud.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Uj507U-mR1eiH7T2ZhF8Zw).

  • This Is My AWS Best Practice Competition


    Think you're an AWS expert? Submit your Best Practice and win a trip to AWS re: Invent 2017. Apply here: https://www.allcloud.io/My-AWS-Best-Practice-Competition *Application will close on June 14th, 2017. Don't have a Best Practice yet? Stop by our booth at the AWS Summit Tel Aviv (https://aws.amazon.com/summits/tel-aviv/) to join the voting.

  • How to Triple Your Speed of Development Using Automation


    If you missed "How to Triple Your Speed of Development Using Automation" at the AWS Pop-up Loft 2017, you are in luck because we are doing it again as a webinar. Learn how (https://allcloud.zoom.us/webinar/register/089d9c305687175b7510d14dfea9e911) to quickly increase software development and ultimately improve your team's productivity using AWS DevOps Services, 3rd party CI/CD tools and automation best practices. Afterwards, ask our automation expert, Johanan Liebermann, your toughest AWS questions. You must register for the event here. (https://allcloud.zoom.us/webinar/register/089d9c305687175b7510d14dfea9e911)

  • How to Triple Your Speed of Development Using Automation

    AWS Pop-up Loft Tel-Aviv

    Join us at the AWS Pop-up Loft. Learn how to quickly increase software development and ultimately improve your team's productivity using AWS DevOps Services, 3rd party CI/CD tools and automation. Register for the the loft here (https://aws.amazon.com/start-ups/loft/tlv-loft/)to attend technical sessions, meet an AllCloud expert and network with AWS. See you there!

  • Best of AWS re:Invent 2016


    Space is limited, must RSVP here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-to-highlights-from-the-aws-reinvent-2016-tickets-30119566434 Missed the AWS re:invent 2016? Allcloud is bringing the Best of re:Invent 2016 to Tel Aviv. Join our Meetup to hear about all the newest AWS products and updates. Enjoy pizza, beer, and review your architecture with AllCloud and AWS Architects and even ask them your toughest questions! At re:Invent 2016, AWS announced major and exciting services which finalized their product pipeline providing customers with a comprehensive end-to-end solution in all product realms including Data and BI, CI/ CD, Serverless Applications, Security and Mobile. Join us and find out what’s coming next and learn how to utilize the complete AWS platform. Agenda 17:30- 18:00- Registration, Meet an AllCloud Architect, Pizza & Beer 18:00- 19:30- Highlights & How to from AWS re:Invent 2016 by AllCloud CTO, Lahav Savir 19:30- 20:00- More Networking with AllCloud Architects

  • "Docker on AWS - the Right Way"

    Needs a location

    REGISTER HERE (https://emind.zoom.us/webinar/register/36a8eee141bc34a07c24e00bf0acd2b8) https://emind.zoom.us/webinar/register/36a8eee141bc34a07c24e00bf0acd2b8 Docker containers are an excellent solution to many problems: they can greatly simplify your deployment process, they provide an alternative approach to configuration management, and they offer excellent consistency and portability. However, running production environments on Docker containers can be challenging and requires careful consideration of various aspects such as high availability, scalability, storage persistence and more. In this webinar we will address some of the prominent issues you might encounter when designing Docker-based production environments on AWS, and present possible solutions to these issues. Key topics: • Container Orchestration on AWS • Load Balancing - ELBs and ALBs • Service Auto Scaling and Cluster Auto Scaling • Service Discovery • Continuous Integration & Delivery

  • How to Collect & Protect Your IoT Data

    WeWork Herzliya

    Since a full IoT service spreads across a lot of various technologies and disciplines, providing security for IoT becomes a very complex task. Moreover, every component of the IoT service has to be secured across all the layers that it's built on – from the HW​ ​to infrastructures to OS to VM to software and more. In this meetup we are going to present best practices for securing some of the essential parts of a IoT service – The device/gateway, and the cloud​.​ AGENDA: 18:00-18:20 Networking, Pizza & Beer 18:20-18:50 Guy Vinograd, Softimize (http://www.softimize.co/): Securing IoT Cloud Services Abstract: What is the right way to authenticate IoT devices? What is Security-First software design? What design patterns can comply as HIPAA? Those questions and more will be answered in my presentation. 18:50-19:00 More Beer 19:00-19:30 Lahav Savir, Emind (http://www.emind.co/): How to Protect Your IOT Data on the Cloud Abstract: This session will focus on how to design and deploy a robust IOT solution on the cloud. With the boom of IOT, cloud vendors like AWS and GCP have catered their platform features to the bright world of IOT making it a lot easier to quickly deploy and integrate devices. Using the industry's best practices and tools coupled with cloud automation, building a secure IOT application has become more achievable. 19:30-19:40 Yet More Beer 19:40-20:10 Erez Metula, AppSec Labs (https://appsec-labs.com/): Hacking The IOT – Top 10 vulnerabilities of IOT products Abstract: The "things" are all around us, with more to come exponentially as days go by. Smart homes, connected cities, smart medical devices, industrial IOT, you name it – they all are targets for attacks that were not possible up until recent years, when they can be accessed from the cloud and controlled from your favorite mobile app. Everybody talks about the benefits they'll bring, but are they developed with security in mind? Can someone spy on our users? Or take control over something from the "physical" world? Or maybe manipulate with some information sent from the device to the cloud? During this talk, Erez will go over the most common security vulnerabilities that exists in IOT products, by sharing his experience as an IOT penetration tester. We'll go over each of those vulnerabilities, and witness how they can be exploited by having a demos of the tools and techniques attackers will use against our IOT product. About Softimize: Softimize is the leading R&D center of cloud-native IoT services for OEMs in Israel, serving global product companies ranging from $Bn in size to start-ups. About Emind: Emind is an AWS Premier Partner and Managed Service Partner as well as Google Cloud Platform Premier Partner who designs, builds and manages a secure, scalable and automated solution for its customers on the cloud. About AppSec Labs: AppSec Labs is a leading Application Security Company, providing its multitude of customers from a wide range of industries with high end security testing, training and consulting services for web, desktop, mobile and IoT applications.

  • Mastering your Cloud Consumption

    AWS Pop-up Loft Tel-Aviv

    Cloud computing is an attractive infrastructure option for companies of all sizes. Not only does it help reduce costs, but it allows companies to concentrate on their business growth rather than on IT or infrastructure issues. However, one of the big challenges of cloud computing is tracking usage and costs, and learning how to identify resources that are being underutilized. In this session we will give you the knowledge and tools to overcome these challenges. We will help you monitor your spending and cloud usage and will highlight opportunities for cost optimization such as right sizing, reserve instance management, spot management, and unattached disks. Our tools also offer dashboards, reports, and scheduled alerts that allow you to optimize your spending in an organized and transparent manner. By Oren Teich, Emind COO Register for the Loft now! (https://www.thinkreg.com/coral/viewWebsite.do?siteId=8a94a8b4518f27480151b24ce82839f1)