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From Legacy to Modern Apps: Rebuilding Familiar Services with AWS Serverless

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Speaker: Allen-Michael Grobelny, Senior Technical Evangelist at AWS

Looking at existing systems and patterns today, and reimagining them built using a serverless architecture, can be challenging.

It’s important to identify how you can transition to build services around event-driven patterns and to remove state stored in monolith applications.

We’ll first take a look at the advantages of building with a serverless architecture and some of the best ways to think serverlessly. Next, we’ll learn how to re-architect familiar services to take advantage of the scale and cost-efficiency built in to serverless.

We’ll look at how to structure a webhook service, an audit trail service, and a document versioning service first from a legacy standpoint, and then how to translate each into working within a serverless architecture.

Along the way, we’ll discover which AWS services are common in serverless architectures, and we’ll visit tools like the AWS SAM CLI and AWS SAM templates that can help with provisioning and deployment for serverless applications.