What we're about

We’re the small, scrappy, upstart AWS meetup in Boston, but we’re the one you’ve been looking for.

If you seek out level 400 sessions at re:Invent--wishing there were level 500 sessions--this is the group for you. We dive deeeeeeep. If you’re seeking a fluffy presentation from a dude who barely understands his own slide deck, you will be disappointed. Our presenters are Senior Solutions Architects who know their topics inside and out. They have a passion for AWS and they love sharing their knowledge. We cover 1 topic per meetup, discussing emerging best practices for AWS infrastructure, lessons learned from years of getting burned, and patterns for building the most scalable, reliable, high performing infrastructure possible. The focus decidedly devopsy (yep, that’s a word), but we’ll tackle any AWS service as long as it’s legitimately good and interesting.

This meetup is not just a place to learn. It’s also a place to meet other virtuosic AWS infrastructure experts and emerging SAs on their journey to becoming experts. We leave plenty of time to chat with each other, ask questions, and share some laughs.

Come learn, drink beer, eat some good food, and get to know some of the sharpest AWS minds in the city of Boston!

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