Deep-dive of Cloud Building Blocks for Serverless 2/2


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We had so much fun in building our first serverless application in AWS last month - Wild Rydes - "Unicorn rides, the magical transportation."

We will continue our Serverless Journey with Wild Rydes.

In November, we are going to take unicorns for a swim in order to dive deep into the cloud building blocks that run Wild Rydes and more serverless applications. Some examples are:

- Networking and content delivery to achieve data security and always-on high availability
- Database and storage to process data securely and quickly
- Identity and access management to ensure least privileged access to resources and allow scalability
- Come to learn with brilliant Arthi Jaganathan, Karima Benamara, Evangeline (Popsie) Andal, Madhavi G. and Spencer Marley Jia Ying Goh

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