AWS Meetup #4 - Cardiff


For our fourth meet up, we are delighted to return to Cardiff and the European Headquarters of Alert Logic (


17:30 - Doors open and refreshments

18:10 - Welcome

18:15 - Warren Seymour (@woogoose ( - Simple Workflow Service (SWF) - Ugly Duckling or Beautiful Swan?

SWF is a long-standing, reliable part of the AWS product family that makes it easy to build complex, distributed and efficient data workflows. However, there's not a great deal of discussion around this powerful service, which can make it hard for people to evaluate it fairly. In this talk, Warren presents:

• An overview of the primitives that SWF provides

• A case study on how Radify uses SWF to solve real challenges

• Some open-source tooling that fell out of Radify's work with SWF

18:45 - Matthew Bates (@mattbates25 (, Co-Founder of JetStack (@JetstackHQ (

With almost 40k commits and now close to 1000 contributors from across industry and the community, Kubernetes is truly growing up. Once a secret infrastructure technology only available within the walls of Google data centres, as open source it is now being widely adopted to deploy and manage containers in the cloud - everything from tech-savvy startups to the largest of enterprises. In this talk, Matt will introduce the core concepts you need to know to deploy scalable and resilient containerised services to Kubernetes on AWS

19:15 - Break

19:30 - Alert Logic (@alertlogic ( DevSecOps: Taking a DevOps Approach to Security

Industry analysts believe over 80% of application vulnerabilities are known about and therefore ‘quick wins’ for companies to fix. But often these vulnerabilities are ignored, and repeatedly released in software updates – creating a continual cycle of weaknesses that hackers can exploit.

DevOps methodologies and automation are changing the way software is delivered, enabling more frequent feature releases, increased application stability, and more productive resource utilisation. However, automating security and compliance monitoring tools into that lifecycle is lagging behind, and often represents the largest single remaining barrier to continuous delivery.

Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh of Alert Logic will run an interactive session that will cover the challenges and practical steps on integrating security into the delivery lifecycle. The session will also demonstrate a live HACK demo showing how a known web application vulnerability can be exploited, and how continuous monitoring can identify the attack, track it, and how to remediate it.

20:00 - 20:30 - networking

Special thanks to our sponsors:

• Alert Logic ( for allowing us to use their venue in Cardiff

• TechHub Swansea ( for allowing us to use their venue in Swansea

• Mobilise ( for providing refreshments

• A Cloud Guru ( for supporting the meet up and providing special offers to members