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Search in the Cloud: Build Your Own or AWS?

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There are a handful of solutions available today when it comes to integrating search into your website or application. Which is the right option for your organization? Or, does it make more sense to roll your own? Join us on Wednesday April 23rd for an insightful discussion among a panel of experts about their search solutions of choice, whether it’s a homegrown tool built specifically for their use case or a pre-existing platform like AWS CloudSearch, ElasticSearch or Solr.

The Panel:

Tom Hill, Solutions Architect at Amazon CloudSearch

Tom Hill has been working on search since implementing search for in 2006 on Lucene, and then the initial versions of Solr. He continued to work with Solr at Lucidimagination/LucidWorks and then moved to, an Amazon Subsidiary, where he's a Solutions Architect on the CloudSearch team.

On the panel, Tom will discuss his experience building Amazon’s CloudSearch, including the latest version which was released March 24th. This release was a major revision, adding many new features, such as support for 32 languages.

Jon Dokulil, VP of Engineering at Hudl

Jon runs the ‘Foundation Tribe’ at Hudl and focuses on consistent performance, availability and team productivity. Hudl hosts video and stats from over 55,000 teams worldwide to help coaches win.

On the panel Jon will talk about his experience running their own Solr installation and how excited he is to soon swap out self-hosted Solr for self-hosted ElasticSearch.

Jeff Whelpley, Chief Architect at GetHuman

For 8 years, Jeff built large, complex financial systems at Wells Fargo without using any cloud-based infrastructure. After leaving Wells Fargo in 2011, Jeff started working almost exclusively with JavaScript and an open source stack. With only 3 full time employees, GetHuman outsources as much infrastructure work as possible to various managed hosting providers. Jeff will talk about his experience with the three most popular managed ElasticSearch hosting providers (QBox, Bonsai and Found), how he set up the GetHuman search infrastructure for minimal maintenance in the near term and his plans for future growth.

To watch the Google Hangout: (this link will not work until the start of the event.)

Interested in participating in this or a future panel? We're always looking for presenters and other panelists to participate in the discussion. Please contact [masked].